Does home insurance cover aerials and satellite dishes?

Falling aerials and satellite dishes can interrupt TV viewing, but they can also cause a lot of damage. Find out how home insurance can help and what to look out for on your policy.

Eve Powell
Eve Powell
Updated 31 January 2022  | 3 mins read

Are TV aerials covered by home insurance?

Falling aerials and satellite dishes can do quite a lot of damage on their way down, posing a risk to your home, your neighbours’ property and to any passers-by.

Home insurance policies vary in what they include but many providers will cover TV aerials and satellite dishes as standard.

Buildings insurance can cover the damage aerials might cause if they fall - for example, if one made a hole in your roof or dented your neighbour’s car.

On the other hand, contents insurance can cover damage that happens to any aerials, satellite dishes and their fittings.

Key points

  • Most home insurance policies will cover falling TV aerials and satellite dishes
  • Your insurer may check for evidence if you make a claim because of stormy weather
  • You can invalidate your policy by not keeping your property in good condition, so keep receipts of any repairs and maintenance work
  • Most policies will have exclusions, so check to see what will and won’t be covered

Can you claim on home insurance for wind damage?

Damage that’s caused by bad weather will typically be covered by your home insurance under what’s called ‘storm damage’ - this generally includes damage caused by high winds.

If stormy weather has taken down your aerial and damaged roof slates or worse, it’s possible you could make a claim.

However, your insurer is likely to check for evidence that there was a storm or even if this was the main cause for the aerial coming down.

What can invalidate home insurance?

If you’re claiming for damage caused by stormy weather, but insurers find there’s no evidence of this, your claim will be refused.

Similarly, if there are no other signs of storm damage - like fallen branches or broken roof slates - insurers may believe the damage to your aerial or roof might have been caused by wear and tear instead.

As a homeowner, you’re responsible for maintaining your home and making sure the aerial’s fitted securely, so your insurer won’t pay out if they discover you’ve let maintenance lapse.

What if my aerial fell and has damaged my neighbour’s property?

If your TV aerial fell and damaged your neighbour’s property, such as denting their car, your home insurance may cover this.

But it will depend on what caused your aerial to fall.

If the damage was purely down to stormy weather, then your neighbour may need to claim on their own insurance to pay for any repair costs.

However, if they can prove you were responsible for the aerial falling - for example, if it was already loose and you’d not repaired it - they may be able to claim against your policy.

Most home insurance policies provide some level of liability cover. So, if someone’s hurt or their property is damaged because of something that happens at your home, this can cover any valid claim made against you.

Can I claim on my insurance for damage to my roof?

Yes, your roof is part of the structure of your home, so any claims for this will fall under your buildings insurance.

But again, a successful claim will depend on what caused the damage.

If you believe that stormy weather was the culprit, you should tell your insurer and send them any evidence of this, including pictures of the damage and local weather reports.

Although if your insurer suspects the damage happened because you hadn’t kept your roof in good condition, they may refuse your claim. So it’s a good idea to keep proof of any repairs or maintenance work you’ve had done.

What if the damage to my roof was caused accidentally?

If you accidentally damage your roof - like putting your foot through it while making repairs - you may be covered if you’ve taken out accidental damage cover as part of your buildings insurance.

This is usually bought as an add-on to your policy and is likely to increase the cost of your premium.

If the roof damage from a storm caused rainwater to get inside and damage your possessions, this may also be covered by accidental damage insurance.

If in doubt, always read your policy or speak to your provider to understand what you will and won’t be covered for.

Are TV aerials covered under buildings insurance?

Yes, as your TV aerial is fitted to your roof any damage it causes by falling will generally be covered under your buildings insurance.

Typically, buildings insurance will cover you against damage from falling trees, branches and TV aerials, alongside many other potential risks to the structure of your home.

But any damage to the aerial itself won’t be covered by buildings insurance - instead, this will usually fall under contents insurance.

So, it’s a good idea to have both contents and buildings insurance, either combined or as separate policies, to make sure your home and belongings are fully protected.

How to prepare your TV aerials and satellite dishes for bad weather

As they stand exposed on your roof or the side of your home, tv aerials and satellite dishes often face the brunt of any bad weather.

Our tips for protecting them and preventing damage include:

  • To protect from heavy rain, make sure all entry points from the aerial into your home are fully sealed and waterproofed
  • If you live in a particularly exposed area, consider installing a strong high-quality mast
  • Secure your aerial with brackets to prevent it from moving too much in strong winds
  • Look out for any branches nearby that can break and damage your aerial or roof
  • Regularly look up to see if your aerial is in good condition, is fixed securely and isn’t showing signs of rust - if possible, use binoculars to get a better view
  • If you need to replace or repair your aerial, use a qualified TV aerial installer

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