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Home insurance infographics: Index

Get informed and entertained with Gocompare.com's collection of home insurance infographics and interactives.


Are we building enough homes?

How does the number of homes being built in the UK relate to demand?

Are we building enough homes? »

Britain's blood boilers

We asked the British public which household habits really make their blood boil...

Britain's blood boilers »

History of screen resolution

Tracing the history of mobile phone pixel density.

History of screen resolution »

Home contents value calculator

Our calculator walks you through the things you need to consider when working out the value of the contents of your home, then does all the sums for you. Simple.

Home contents value calculator »

How to deter burglars

Take a look at some tips which could help to keep burglars away from your property.

How to deter burglars »

How to make money from your home

There are lots of ways to make extra cash from your home, without having to sell it. Here are a few suggestions to get you started...

How to make money from your home »

Property - what's hot and what's not?

What do buyers look for in a prospective home?

Property - what's hot and what's not? »

Socially connected

Mobile phones make communication easier, but sometimes they stop us from truly connecting...

Socially connected »

Xmas agonisers: Christmas quiz

Test your Crimbo knowledge with our festive quiz.

Xmas agonisers: Christmas quiz »


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