Fine art insurance

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What is fine art insurance?

Art insurance covers items such as paintings, sculptures, objets d’art and other pieces of art.

You’ll be covered for theft and fire, as well as loss of value if your art needs to be repaired.

Assetsure art insurance also offers cover for defective titles. So, if you have to give the piece back after you’ve bought it, you’ll be able to claim.

art insurance

What is considered fine art?

Many items can be classified as fine art, some examples include:

  • Glass and crystals
  • Pictures, paintings, photographs and drawings
  • Porcelain, china and ceramics
  • Rugs and tapestries
  • Statues

Why do I need a specific policy?

If your art is worth a lot, you’ll want a specialist policy to make sure it’s covered for its full worth.

You can cover art under your contents insurance policy, but there may be limits on how much a single item can be covered for.

A dedicated policy covering your art also offers extra benefits, such as the value of your cover increasing in the event the artist dies and the art becomes more valuable.

What will I be covered for?

Fine art insurance provides cover for several scenarios:

Accidental loss & damage

Your art will be covered against loss or damage, so you can get it repaired or reimbursed if it’s not salvageable.


You’ll be able to claim the value of your art if it’s stolen.


If your art has been repaired or the value has dropped, you’ll be able to claim the difference in value.

Pairs/sets cover

Cover for fine art that is more valuable in a pair or as part of a set, if part of the set/pair is damaged.

Death of an artist

If the artist who made the piece of art dies, the value could go up or down, you’ll be covered.

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