Musical instrument insurance

Get cover for your musical instruments and accessories with Assetsure [1]

What will musical instrument insurance cover?

You can get cover for your musical instruments, such as:

  • Acoustic instruments like acoustic guitars, pianos, violins and drum kits
  • Electric instruments such as electric guitars, keyboards, turntables
  • Accessories such as amplifiers, cases, pedals and drumsticks

You won’t be covered for breakages of equipment such as strings, reeds or drumheads.

Musical instrument

What does musical instrument insurance protect me for?

You’ll be able to claim for an insured instrument in the case of:

Accidental loss and damage

If your instrument is accidentally dropped or broken, you’ll be covered for the replacement or repair costs.


You’ll be covered for theft if there has been visible force or violence used to enter or leave the premises the equipment was stolen from or if your musical instrument was left unattended in the open, as long as it was being used to participate in a musical event.

Unattended vehicle cover

If you’ve had to leave your musical instrument in a vehicle and returned to find your instrument has been stolen, you’ll be covered provided they weren’t left for longer than 12 hours.

Replacement equipment hire

The cost of hiring replacement equipment will be covered up to a certain limit if yours is damaged or broken.

Worldwide cover

If you’re travelling and taking your musical instrument with you, you’ll be covered for all the above abroad too.

How much cover do you need?

You need to make sure the value of your musical instrument insurance is enough to cover your instrument if it needed to be replaced as new (VAT included).

For example, if you have an acoustic guitar which would cost £5,000 to buy brand new, then you’d need to insure yours for this amount.

Make sure you consider the cost of replacing any accessories that your guitar comes with, such as a speaker or stand, and provide a value for replacing those too.

Cover your instrument with these simple steps

There are a few things you need to tell us when comparing musical instrument insurance:

  1. Let us know about your musical instrument

    The type, make, value

  2. Provide details of any accessories

    And their value

  3. Tell us about you

    Name, address, date of birth

  4. How would you like to pay?

    You can choose to pay monthly or annually

Frequently asked questions

Some home insurance policies do cover musical instruments, but most only offer a limited amount of cover.

Your instrument should be insured for its full, undiscounted cost, including VAT.

Yes, as long as the damage was accidental.

No, you must be over 21 to get musical instrument insurance.

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