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Why compare home emergency policies?

Only 19% of home contents insurance and 25% of buildings insurance policies include home emergency cover as standard, so shop around to get the cover you need

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Defaqto, November 2018[†]

What we need to know

To help you get home emergency quotes, we’ll need to know about:

  1. Your home

    Is it your main residence, what type of property is it and your address

  2. The cover you want

    Choose when you’d like the policy to start and what you want it to cover

  3. A little about you

    Just a few basics

Why do you need home emergency cover?

It provides help in an emergency for things that could immediately affect your safety and health, or damage that could become a major issue if not fixed ASAP, like broken windows, your boiler breaking down or a pipe bursting. Your provider usually has a 24-hour emergency helpline you can call for help.

However, you can still find a policy to cover them – if a standard policy won’t do, talk to a specialist insurer who should be able to help.

Does home emergency cover all repairs?

No, it’ll only cover immediate fixes and labour costs.

You'll still need to keep your home in a good state of repair and make sure you carry out routine maintenance.

If any more work's needed after the immediate repairs, for example to improve a heating system and avoid future problems, it's likely you'll have to cover the cost yourself.

Save money on your home emergency insurance

Check out our seven handy hints to cut the cost of home emergency cover:

  1. Pay annually

    It’s usually cheaper to pay in one go

  2. Get work guaranteed

    Check whether repairs are protected under a guarantee

  3. Keep your home in good order

    Properly maintain your property and its contents to avoid unnecessary claims

  4. Only get the cover you need

    If you don’t need it for your boiler, don’t get it

  5. Don’t double up on cover

    Make sure it isn’t included as part of your home insurance

  6. Compare prices

    Use our service to find the right policy

Types of home emergency cover

You can get home emergency cover for four of the most important things that can go wrong in the home.


Cover your boiler and all its buttons and dials against breakdowns.

Find out more >


This’ll help just in case your heating conks out, leaving you with a chilly home or no hot water.


Helps protect your pipes, flushes and storage tanks due to leaks and breaks.


If your electricity fails, and your house is uninhabitable, home emergency cover for this will sort you and your wiring out.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a home emergency?

    Anything that impacts your immediate safety or health. Risks that leave your home unsafe or at risk of further damage are also covered.

  • Can I get home emergency cover with my home insurance?

    Yes, some insurers include it either as standard or as an add-on, although you may get better cover through a standalone policy.

  • What exclusions should I look out for?

    Check the maximum limit on the cost of repairs and see whether call-out charges, parts and labour are included. Be aware of what the insurer classes as an emergency – a blocked toilet is a huge inconvenience, but if you have more than one loo in your house, your insurer may see it differently.

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