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John Lewis home insurance

Compare a selection of policies from John Lewis home insurance with GoCompare

  • Compare a range of levels of cover for your home
  • It's possible to find specialist home insurance for listed buildings
  • You can compare cover for buildings or contents, or both combined

A guide to John Lewis home insurance

John Lewis is a home store that does home insurance. How does that work? Well here's GoCompare's guide to John Lewis home insurance...

Key points

  • John Lewis offers four different levels of home insurance: Essential, Plus, Premier and specialist
  • Royal & Sun Alliance underwrites most policies
  • John Lewis home insurance policies generally get positive reviews

Does a good shop make a good insurance provider? That's just one of the questions we'll try to answer as we look at John Lewis home insurance

John Lewis home insurance  

John Lewis. The department store owned by a trust. And a brand that puts trust at the centre of what it does. Never Knowingly Undersold. It's been using that slogan since 1925. 

John Lewis has been offering insurance products since 2006 when it launched Greenbee. As of 2010, it's now simply called John Lewis Finance. 

And when it comes to John Lewis home insurance, most of its policies are underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance. Its specialist policies are underwritten by Covea. 

Protection for your home and contents  

Most people opt to get contents insurance and buildings insurance from the same provider. This can solve any crossed wires. It's also usually cheaper to buy it together than separately. Although it's worth noting that's not always the case. 

So what exactly does John Lewis home insurance cover? 

Did you know...?

At John Lewis, only the chairman can write in green ink

Right strap yourselves in. John Lewis offers contents insurance, buildings insurance, and both combined. 

It then also offers three different levels of home insurance. These are called Essential, Plus and Premier. 

There's also the option of specialist insurance, if you live in a unique property or have lots of antiques about the place. 

John Lewis Premier home insurance 

Premier by name, premier by nature. This is a pretty comprehensive home insurance policy. In March 2018, here's what John Lewis Premier home insurance covered: 


  • Unlimited cover on buildings insurance 
  • Unlimited cover on contents insurance 
  • Full cover for accidental damage 
  • Unlimited alternative accommodation 
  • Up to £2,500 in personal possessions cover (with an option to increase) 
  • Matching sets cover (eg if a chair was part of a set and it got damaged, Premier cover would replace the whole set) 
  • Bicycle cover 
  • Up to £100,000 in legal cover 

Things move quick in the insurance game, and these levels may change. You can download policy booklets off its website before buying. This is a good idea, so you know what exactly what you're getting before you buy. 

John Lewis home insurance Plus 

The next step down from Premier, Plus still has plenty to offer: 

  • Buildings insurance – up to £1 million 
  • Contents insurance – up to £75,000 
  • Standard accidental damage cover 
  • Alternative accommodation up to £115,000 
  • Matching sets cover up to £10,000 

Extras such as legal cover can be added to Plus. All figures were correct in March 2018. Check the policy documents before you buy it for the latest limits. 

John Lewis home insurance - Essential cover  

Essential is the most basic level of cover offered by John Lewis.  

  • Buildings insurance - £400,000 limit 
  • Contents insurance - £50,000 limit 
  • Alternative accommodation - £50,000 limit 

Extras like accidental damage and personal possessions cover can be added to Essentials. The only one that can't is matching sets cover. Isn't it ironic, like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife? 

John Lewis specialist home insurance 

Three different types of home insurance isn't special enough for John Lewis. No siree, there's also a specialist one. So what does John Lewis specialist home insurance have in its back pocket? 

Well it differs between policies. It's a bespoke insurance policy suited for households with unique needs. Live in a listed building? Have a thatched roof? Is your home filled with antiques or priceless paintings? Then you might wish to consider John Lewis specialist home insurance.

It's worth noting that you can't buy this specialist insurance through GoCompare. But it's always worth comparing different providers to find a policy which suits you - especially if your property is unique! 

John Lewis home insurance reviews  


John Lewis is one of a handful of Which? Recommended Partners when it comes to home insurance.  

What does Defaqto reckon?  

  • 5 stars - John Lewis Insurance Premier  
  • 5 stars - John Lewis Insurance Plus 
  • 3 stars - John Lewis Insurance Essential 

Fairer Finance gives John Lewis a gold ribbon for its home insurance, ranking it 4th out of 47 providers. All stats were correct in February 2018. 

John Lewis has a reputation for honesty and reliability. But being a good retailer doesn't automatically make you a good insurance provider. Yet it does seem that John Lewis is protecting its brand by extending its customer service values to insurance.   

John Lewis home insurance renewals and claims: What to do... 

Let's look at renewals first. You should get at least three weeks' warning when your renewal's coming up. 

If you want to take your business elsewhere, you should be able to do so without any charges before the new insurance period begins. You also have 14 days after it begins to change your mind.  

Pay for your insurance monthly via direct debit? It's likely that your policy will auto-renew unless you instruct John Lewis otherwise. 

You can still cancel a policy at any time, but you're likely to face some deductions and fees. All these fees should be laid out in your insurance schedule.  

Ok, let's look at making a claim on John Lewis home insurance. 

Basically you have to ring them with your details to hand. These can include:  

  • Name, address, phone numbers
  • The policy number 
  • Details of the loss or damage together with claim value (if known) 
  • Police details where applicable 
  • Names and addresses of any other parties involved 

It may be a good idea to keep phone and policy numbers in the cloud. In other words storing them securely online in case you can't access them in your house. 

By Sam Easterbrook