Lodger insurance

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lodger insurance

What’s lodger insurance?

Lodger insurance is for live-in landlords who have taken in a lodger.

The cover is adapted to allow for the increased risk of damage to your property and possessions while lodgers are living with you. And you’ll still be covered for the sorts of unexpected things that could happen, whether you have a lodger or not.

Lodger insurance can also extend your policy to cover your legal liability for accidents to lodgers while in your home – for example, if they were to fall down the stairs and hold you responsible.

Does having a lodger affect your home insurance?

Taking on a lodger – someone who pays to live in your home where you are the main occupant – is a good way of boosting your income. But it can also increase the risk to your building and contents when it comes to damage, loss and theft.

This might mean you pay higher premiums or need some extra cover bought as an add-on. For example, accidental damage or public liability insurance, in case your lodger's injured in your home.

If you rent out part of your home to a lodger you’ll need to let your home insurance provider know, as failing to inform it could invalidate your policy.

Your home insurer might refuse to cover some circumstances while you have a lodger, for example theft without an obvious sign of a forced entry or break-in.

It’s just as easy to get home insurance quotes when you have a lodger – you need to say who you live with when you get quotes and declare them. You’ll only be shown quotes from insurers that can cover you.

Do I need insurance as a lodger?

If you’re a lodger and want your personal possessions to be covered for loss or damage, you will need to take out your own contents insurance.

Your belongings are unlikely to be covered by your landlord’s policy.

Buildings insurance and cover for anything that the landlord owns, like furniture and electrical goods, will be their responsibility to insure.

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