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High quality smartphones can be expensive and you may have locked yourself into a long-term contract to pay for one. A contract you'll have to keep paying, even if you no longer have the phone.

Mobile phone insurance will reimburse you for the cost of repairing or replacing your handset if it's lost, stolen or damaged.

In one year, 325,000 of us are likely to have our mobiles stolen
According to the Office of National Statistics

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What does phone insurance cover?

A standard mobile phone insurance policy may include cover for loss, theft and accidental damage. This means if you have unintentionally cracked your screen, your insurer will pay for repairs or replacement.

Some insurers will give you an ‘instant’ replacement phone or repair yours if it’s out of action.

Water damage

If your device is accidentally damaged by liquid, phone insurance can pay for the cost of repairs or replacement.

Mechanical breakdown

If your phone develops a mechanical fault outside of the manufacturer's warranty period.

Multi-phone cover

Cover multiple phones in your household. Though some insurers may not include cover for children's devices.

Phone accessories

Replacement of any accessories damaged, lost or stolen at the same time as the device.

Overseas travel

Standard phone insurance may become invalid if you leave the country. If you're planning to go abroad, worldwide phone insurance will cover your gadgets for a limited number of days.

Instant cover

With some policies, you can't claim during the first two weeks of your policy. But with instant cover you can make a claim the same day the policy is bought.

Fraudulent activity

Repayment of costs incurred due to unauthorised calls or eWallet payments.

Do you need to insure your phone?

Even if your phone gets damaged or stolen, your phone supplier will still expect you to pay the remainder of your contract.

Phone insurance can help pay for the cost of a replacement device, so you're not left paying for a phone and having to pay for a new one at the same time.

You should consider phone insurance if:

  • Your phone is at risk of theft
  • You have a history of broken phones
  • You've taken out a new contract for an expensive phone
  • You'd need an instant replacement phone

How much is mobile phone insurance?

The cost of your premium will depend on the brand and model of phone, the level of cover required, excess amount and whether the policy is paid in full or monthly.

Find the average cost of insurance for popular phone models below[3]

Device Average Monthly Cost Average Annual Cost
iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB £10.75 £112.21
iPhone 12 Pro 128GB £9.29 £96.91
iPhone 12 64GB £8.19 £85.17
iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB £10.69 £109.12
iPhone 11 Pro 64GB £10.11 £102.46
iPhone 11 64GB £7.76 £80.82
iPhone 11 64GB £10.11 £101.32
Huawei P40 Pro 128GB £8.23 £84.71
iPhone SE (2020) 64GB £6.75 £69.86
Samsung S20 128GB (5G) £8.08 £84.94
Google Pixel 5 128GB £8 £85.51
Samsung S21 5G 128GB £8.59 £93.82

What do you need to get a quote?

You'll need to have some basic information to hand including:

  1. Your phone

    Device brand, make and model

  2. Your details

    Things like your name, your date of birth and your address

  3. Level of cover

    Choose to cover your phone for loss, accidental damage and/or theft

  4. Payment

    Whether you want to pay annually or monthly

  5. Excess

    The amount you want to pay towards a claim

Are mobile phones covered by home insurance?

Home contents insurance policies will cover your mobile phone for things like loss due to fire, flooding or home theft.

Arranging mobile phone cover through your home insurance can be a simple and cost-effective option. But there are some downsides to consider.

Cover won't be as extensive. Don't expect the bells and whistles you'd get with standalone cover. Things like cover abroad and fraudulent activity. And if you want cover away from home, you'll need to pay extra for it.

With home insurance, expect claims to be processed much slower too. Potentially leaving you without your phone for weeks.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What won't phone insurance cover?

    Before you purchase insurance, you should check what your policy does and doesn't cover.

    Some policies may not cover:

    • Theft - If there are no signs of forced entry or you’ve left your phone unattended. You've got to report your phone as stolen to the police within 24 hours too
    • Water damage
    • Phones over a year old
    • Older SIM cards
    • Deliberate damage, or damage that's only cosmetic
  • Is my phone covered by a warranty?

    Most mobile devices have a warranty of between 24 to 48 months, but it won't offer the same type of cover as insurance would.

    For instance, a warranty won't cover your device for things like accidental damage, smashed screens or water damage.

  • How do I claim for theft, damage or loss?

    Call your insurer - the number will be on your policy document. Explain what's happened to your phone and provide your details. Fill out any paperwork they send your way and provide supporting documents when requested.

  • What is digital download cover?

    Digital download cover will help with the cost of replacing music, movies, eBooks and other valuable data that is stored on your phone. You can minimise the risk to your data by backing it up regularly.


[2] There are 14 active insurers on the panel at Comparison Creator. Last checked July 2020.

[3]Average mobile phone insurance costs are based on quotes from, conducted on the 14 April 2021. All quotes are based on combined theft, loss and accidental damage cover. Retrieved 2021-04-15.

Page last reviewed: 15 June 2021
Next review due: 15 September 2021

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