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What is mobile phone insurance?

Most of us would be lost without our mobile phone. They’re a key part of keeping in touch with loved ones, snapping pictures, catching up on social media and listening to music.

But carrying a mobile phone means you’re more vulnerable to theft, loss and damage – whether your electronic best friend is top of the range or not.

This is where mobile phone insurance steps in. With the right policy, you can be rest assured that you’ll have help at hand if something happens to your trusty phone.

What does mobile phone insurance cover me for?

It depends on the policy you choose but it could include cover for loss, accidental damage and theft.

Some policies will offer protection for when you’re travelling overseas and others may even cover your phone accessories or content you’ve paid for, like music or apps.

You can also find policies that will give you an ‘instant’ replacement phone or repair yours if it’s out of action.

365,000 people had their phone stolen between April 2017 and March 2018, so make sure yours is covered

Source: Office of National Statistics[†]

Protect your phone in five simple steps

We just need some information to get your quote:

  1. Device brand, make and model

  2. Your details

  3. The level of cover you need

  4. Whether you want to pay annually or monthly

  5. The amount of excess you want to pay

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Is my mobile covered under my home insurance?

Generally, you can get your mobile covered under your home insurance policy, but it could take a long time for claims to be processed, potentially leaving you mobile-less for weeks. There may also be some specialist exclusions, like cover for unauthorised calls.

It’s also worth noting that if you had to make a claim for a stolen or damaged mobile phone, it could increase your home insurance premium.

How to cut the cost of your mobile phone insurance

Try these tips for cheaper insurance:

  1. Be careful!

    Make sure you take good care of your phone to avoid accidents

  2. Watch the excess

    Your premiums might be cheaper if you can pay a higher amount of excess but make sure you’d be able to afford it if you need to make a claim

  3. Only pay for what you need

    If you don’t want loss cover, for example, don’t include it

  4. Don’t pay twice

    Check whether your mobile phone is already covered under a different policy, like your home insurance or a packaged bank account

  5. Compare mobile phone insurance policies 

    Shop around to find a great policy that suits your needs

Whether you have an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, find cover for your phone now

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Frequently asked questions

  • What might not be covered?

    Theft without force or unattended theft may not be covered, leaving you uninsured if your phone is stolen from your pocket or taken while you’re distracted.

    Water damage is another exclusion to look out for, as well as age-based restrictions and time limits for reporting loss or damage.

    Older sim cards may also not be covered, as well as any incident where you could be deemed to have been ‘careless’ – such as leaving your phone in the back of a taxi.

  • Is my mobile phone already insured?

    Before taking out mobile phone insurance, check that you aren’t already covered through your travel insurance, a packaged bank account, a premium credit card or your home insurance.

  • What is digital download cover?

    Digital download cover will cover the replacement of music, movies, eBooks and other valuable data that is stored on your phone.

    You can minimise the risks to your data by backing it up regularly.

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