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What’s iPhone insurance?

Apple iPhones don’t come cheap, but iPhone insurance could help cover the cost if yours is lost, stolen or damaged.

If you’re one of the one billion people who owns an iPhone, insurance will cover you for the cost of repairing or replacing your handset if it's lost, stolen or damaged.

Do I need iPhone insurance?

It’s up to you whether you choose to insure your iPhone, but think about if how you could afford to pay to repair or replace it without insurance if something goes wrong.

 As iPhones tend to get more expensive each year, mobile phone insurance can give you valuable peace of mind that it’ll be repaired or replaced if it’s broken, lost or stolen.

If you’ve locked yourself into a long-term mobile contract to pay for your iPhone, you’ll have to keep paying it, even if you no longer have the phone.

iPhone insurance can cover the cost of a replacement, so you’re not left paying for a lost or broken phone and having to pay for a new one at the same time.

It’s certainly worth considering getting iPhone cover if:

  • you have a history of broken phones
  • your phone is at risk of theft
  • you've taken out a new contract for an expensive phone
  • you'd need a rapid replacement phone (because you need it for work, for example)

What does iPhone insurance cover?

Check your policy documents to see exactly what’s included and what isn’t.

Your iPhone insurance should cover:


As long as you haven’t been negligent or reckless.

Accidental damage

This means if you accidentally crack your screen, your insurer will pay for repairs or replacement.

Mechanical breakdown

If your phone develops a mechanical fault outside of the manufacturer's warranty period.

Multi-phone cover

If all members of your household own iPhones, you can insure all the phones under one policy. Make sure you read the small print carefully as some insurer’s don’t cover children’s phones.

Overseas travel

Standard phone insurance may become invalid if you leave the country. If you're planning to go abroad, worldwide phone insurance will cover you for a limited number of days.


Again, as long as you haven’t been careless with your phone, theft should be cover.

Water damage

If you drop your iPhone while you’re soaking in the bath.

Phone accessories

For any accessories that get damaged, lost, or stolen at the same time as your iPhone.

Instant cover

Some insurers won’t cover the cost of anything during the first two weeks, but instant cover can mean that you can make a claim straight away although you may have to pay a higher excess.

Fraudulent activity if stolen

If there are unauthorised calls or payments made with the iPhone after it’s reported as stolen, then costs will be covered Check your policy documents to see exactly what’s included and what isn’t. They’ll also tell you whether your insurer will give you a replacement phone or repair yours if something happens to it.

How much does iPhone insurance cost?

The cost of your premium will depend on model of phone, the level of cover, the excess you choose and whether the policy is paid in full or monthly.

You’ll need to get some quotes to find out exactly how much you’ll pay, but these are some average costs:[4]

Device Average monthly cost Average annual cost
iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB £10.75 £112.21
iPhone 12 Pro 128GB £9.29 £96.91
iPhone 12 64GB £8.19 £85.17
iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB £10.69 £109.12
iPhone 11 Pro 64GB £10.11 £102.46
iPhone 11 64GB £7.76 £80.82
iPhone SE (2020) 64GB £6.75 £69.86

[4] Average mobile phone insurance costs are based on quotes from, conducted on the 14 April 2021. All quotes are based on combined theft, loss and accidental damage cover.

What details do you need to get a quote?

To start comparing quotes, you’ll need:

  1. Your phone details

    Device, brand, make and model

  2. Your own details

    Things like name, date of birth and your address

  3. Level of cover

    Choose to cover your phone for loss, accidental damage and/or theft

  4. Payment

    Whether you want to pay monthly or annually

What isn’t covered by iPhone insurance?

What’s excluded depends on the provider, but these are some common exclusion:

  • Pre-existing damage from before you took out the policy
  • iPhones over a certain age
  • Theft or damage due to negligence
  • Claims within the first 14 days of policy start date, unless you buy instant cover
  • iPhones bought outside of the UK

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