Migration data was taken from the ONS Internal Migration series documenting residential moves between local authorities and regions in England and Wales, as well as moves to or from Scotland and Northern Ireland. Each bubble represents a person making one of the 2.85 million moves between the displayed regions in the year ending June 2015.


No Place Like Home?


Flying the nest

Cities with some of the biggest universities in the country attract the highest number of university bound school-leavers aged 16 to 19: London, Leeds, Nottingham, Sheffield, Birmingham, and Manchester account for 26% of moves made by people in this age group.

Off to work

For British people in their twenties, it’s London all the way. Drawn to the growing job opportunities, more than one in seven (15%) of people who move in their 20s go to London. Surrey, the next destination on the list, only attracts 2% of young movers.


Seeking peace drives people away from big cities and towards nature. This is how Devon, West Sussex, and Scotland, renowned for their picturesque coasts and areas of outstanding natural beauty, become prominent destinations for people aged 60 or over.

Family time

For those tired of London, there are the Home Counties and Scotland. Kent, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Essex, and Hampshire - along with Scotland - attract nearly half (43%) of 30-somethings leaving London, and 16% all movers in this age group.

Inbound Outbound

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No place like home.

They say there’s no place like home, but millions move around the UK every year. Twenty-somethings might gravitate towards London, but where do they go once they’re tired of the Big Smoke? Where are people in their 30s moving to? And which places are popular for those over 60? Explore our interactive map to find out where people are moving to, which places people are leaving, and where they’re staying put.

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