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Nationwide home insurance

With Nationwide home insurance, you can buy your buildings or contents cover separately or as a combined policy.

Your insurance cover will pay out for claims relating to fire, flood or storm damage, theft and loss.

It’ll also cover the costs of any claims you’re held responsible for (third party claims) - like if your roof tiles fall off on to a neighbour’s car.

Home insurance isn’t a legal requirement but it’s worth considering to protect yourself from high repair or replacement costs.

History of Nationwide

Nationwide originated from a few co-operative building societies from around the UK, dating back to 1846.

After many mergers and acquisitions, it changed its name in 1970 to Nationwide Building Society. It's now the largest mutual financial institution in the world.  

Optional extras

If you want a bit more protection in addition to your Nationwide buildings and/or contents insurance, you can add on the following options:

Accidental damage cover

Accidental damage will cover repairs to the structure, fixtures and fittings and contents of your home in the event of unintentional damage, like drilling through a pipe or spilling wine on the sofa.

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Matching items insurance

If Nationwide can’t find a matching replacement, you’ll be provided with a brand new set.

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Garden cover

This will provide you with cover for items kept in the open, including outdoor furniture, ornaments, plants, trees and shrubs.

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Out & about cover

Your personal possessions, like jewellery or your mobile phone will be covered when you take them anywhere in the British Isles, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally losing a ring or dropping your phone.

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Bicycle insurance

While it’s at home, your bike will be covered by standard contents insurance. But you’ll need to add Nationwide’s bicycle cover if you want to protect it while you’re out for a ride.

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Home emergency cover

If something goes wrong that needs to be repaired immediately, such as broken heating or door locks, home emergency cover can help.

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Legal assistance

If you need help with the legal aspects of a situation or you want to take legal action, you might want to consider adding legal assistance to your Nationwide home insurance policy.

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