Sainsbury’s home insurance

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Sainsbury's home insurance

Sainsbury's started offering home insurance in 1997. This is when it started Sainsbury's Bank. It was originally a joint venture with Bank of Scotland, but is now fully owned by Sainsbury's.

Alongside home insurance, Sainsbury's offers all sorts of financial products and services including credit cards, travel money and ISAs.

Protection for your home and contents

Sainsbury's offers buildings insurance. This policy offers cover for your home's structure and its permanent fittings and fixtures, but not the contents.

But Sainsbury's also offers contents insurance. This policy offers protection for your personal items that aren't fixed to your home. A contents-only policy may work for you if you rent. The buildings insurance is likely to be the responsibility of the landlord. Always check though.

And yes, Sainsbury's combines these two into the imaginatively titled 'buildings and contents insurance'.

Here's what Sainsbury's standard buildings and contents insurance covers:

  • Buildings sum insured up to £1 million
  • Contents sum insured up to £75,000
  • Accidental damage - extra cover can be added
  • Household removals cover - extra cover can be added
  • Student belongings - extends basic contents cover to someone in your household if they're at university
  • Trace and access – to find and fix leaks in your home
  • Bikes
  • No claims discount
  • Garden contents
  • Special events cover - increased limit on contents cover for gifts and food in your home during religious festivals, weddings, birth of a child etc
  • Replacement keys and locks
  • Alternative accommodation if your home is uninhabitable

This was the case in March 2018. But home insurance policies are always changing, trying to stand out from the crowd. So double-check the policy document before you buy any insurance.

Sainsbury's also offers loads of extra policies. It all depends on how much you want to be prepared for every eventuality. Ready to rock? Ok, in March 2018 it offered these as add-ons:

  • Enhanced accidental cover - buildings
  • Enhanced accidental cover - contents
  • Personal possessions cover
  • Bike cover away from home
  • Family legal protection
  • Home emergency cover
  • Key cover

Wondering what's the difference between personal possessions cover and contents insurance? Personal possessions cover protects your items when you take them outside of your home. Contents is only when they're in your property.

Sainsbury's home insurance boiler cover

Sainsbury's doesn't offer specific boiler cover. Yet if you're worried about your boiler being on the blink then consider home emergency cover. You can add this to your Sainsbury's home insurance as an extra.

Sainsbury's Premier home insurance

We heard a few people talking about this. So we slapped our deerstalkers on and did a bit of sleuthing.

It seems that Sainsbury used to have something called Sainsbury's Premier Cover home insurance. And maybe it will again. But in March 2018, there was no Sainsbury's Premier cover insurance available to buy. Another case solved.

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