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We don't compare wedding insurance - here are some companies[1] offering quotes[2]

  • Assetsure provides insurance for your big day. Underwritten at Lloyd's of London, comprehensive cover is offered to protect your wedding plans, including cancellation, rearrangement, failure of suppliers and liabilities. Cover can start as soon as the premium is paid. Assetsure is open seven days a week to provide you with quotes and arrange insurance.

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  • E&L is an experienced insurer that offers 80 years' understanding of the industry. It provides comprehensive wedding insurance with eight levels of cover. A straightforward one-off payment could cover you for up to £50,000 on cancellations and expenses, as well as supplier deposits and personal accident.

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  • The Insurance Emporium is a one-stop shop for insuring the things you love. With seven levels of wedding insurance cover available, they aim to help protect your big day and give you peace of mind with a simple one-off payment. Their diamond policy could cover cancellation costs of up to £50,000. Wedding rings, flowers and cake could also be covered up to £12,500, and much more.

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What’s wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance covers you for losses associated with problems and cancellations when you’re planning your wedding or civil partnership ceremony.

No one wants to think about something going wrong with their big day. But as well as being one of the most important days of your life, your wedding day will likely be one of the most expensive – which means there’s a lot of money at risk.

While wedding insurance won’t be able to make up for the disappointment if something does go awry, it can protect you from losing out financially.


The cost of the average wedding

According to the Hitched 21st Century Bride Survey

What does wedding insurance cover?

A wedding insurance policy should cover you for:

  1. The venue cancelling

  2. A supplier letting you down

  3. Cancellation due to ‘key people’ (immediate family, bridesmaids, best man) not being able to make it for serious and unforseen circumstances like a death, illness or jury service

  4. Lost, stolen or damaged cake, rings or gifts

  5. Not receiving your wedding photos or videos

  6. Public liability cover and legal expenses

  7. Weather disruption

  8. Miscellaneous other expenses - marquees and even ceremonial swords protection

“You rely on numerous people to make your wedding day special, so there's lots of opportunity for something to go wrong.

Wedding insurance is the easiest way to protect yourself in the run up to your big day, but make sure that the level of cover you decide on is right for you”

Ryan Fulthorpe, GoCompare’s home insurance expert

How to buy wedding insurance

If you’re using a wedding planner, they might offer you wedding insurance alongside their services, but it’s worth shopping around online to make sure you get the right cover for the best price.

Try some of our wedding insurance specialists to find cover that suits you.

Some department stores also offer wedding cover, or you might be able to get it through your home insurance policy.

Levels of wedding insurance

Wedding budgets come in all sizes, so it’s important to make sure you get the right level of cover.

Wedding insurers will usually have policies for several tiers of cover, so you can pick the right amount for what you’re spending.

Wedding costs can easily spiral, so make sure you’re not underinsured and contact your insurer to increase your level of cover if costs do go up higher than expected.

When to buy wedding insurance

Most wedding insurance policies allow you to take out cover up to two years before you’re planning on getting married.

It’s a good idea to get cover as early as possible, so you’ll be covered from the early planning stages right through to your big day.

You can also buy wedding insurance days before the ceremony, even if you’ve already paid out for the venue and other expenses – but you can’t then claim for something that’s already gone wrong or that you knew was going to happen.

Seven tips for a cheaper wedding

  1. Invite only the most important people

    Don’t feel pressured to invite someone you don’t know just because a relative knows them - it’s your celebration and your guest list

  2. Wedding help instead of gifts

    It can save you a lot of time and money if your guests can help out with the wedding rather than giving you gifts

  3. Handmade invitations

    As well as being more personal, making your own invitations could shave a lot off your wedding bill

  4. Stock the bar yourself

    Instead of paying for an open bar, buy a few bottles of wine or beer a month until the big day - ask guests to contribute too as a wedding gift

  5. Discounted photography

    Save on your wedding photography by employing a friend, relative or a student photographer

  6. Get high street dresses and suits

    You don’t need to necessarily spend a lot to find your dream gown or suit

  7. Plan and shop around

    Plan well and remember you don’t have to settle for the first thing you see

Alternative cover

If you don’t take out wedding insurance, you might still have some financial protection if things go wrong.

Your home insurance might cover some aspects of your wedding, such as your rings and gifts, so check your policy.

As long as you can afford the repayments, buying anything costing between £100 and £30,000 directly from the supplier with a credit card means you’re protected by the Consumer Credit Act.

If it’s not already covered under your wedding insurance, don’t forget to arrange your travel insurance for peace of mind over your honeymoon.

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[1]We do not offer a full comparison service on wedding insurance at but instead have provided links to some companies that offer wedding insurance. These companies are not listed in an order that indicates that one is better than another but are instead ordered in line with our commercial arrangement with each one. Please remember, as different companies offer different policies, it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs

[2] introduces you to Assetsure, E&L and The Insurance Emporium to provide learner driver insurance quotes. All providers are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.'s relationship with Assetsure, E&L and The Insurance Emporium is limited to that of a business partnership, no common ownership or control rights exist between us.

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