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Home phone price plans

Compare bundled home phone calling packages and line rental costs with broadbandchoices[1]

  • Compare price plans in your area to save money on your home phone bills
  • Just enter your postcode to see landline deals bundled with broadband, or broadband and TV
  • Switch without changing your phone number and with no interruption to service


Home phone

Compare home phone bundles

Key points

  • Choosing a bundle which includes your broadband, home phone and TV package could save you money
  • It is possible to get broadband without line rental with a limited number of suppliers
  • Remember to factor in the installation or set-up cost when you're choosing an option

The humble home phone may be an ancient dinosaur of the communication world compared to its sprightly mobile cousin, however, the majority of broadband packages require you to have one in your home to access the internet.

Whether you use it for phone calls or just a means to an end, you need to find a tantalising deal that provides low cost line rental, so you can get on with surfing the interweb without worrying about massive bills.

Comparing home phone price plans

There's no better way to sniff out a cheap deal, than by comparing your options. With that in mind, why not shop around with Gocompare.com?

With the help of our partners broadbandchoices[1] you can compare home phone deals bundled with broadband, or broadband and TV packages, in one quick search. Giving you the chance to save money and find a package that's best suited to your requirements.

All you need to do to find the deals in your area is enter your postcode, after which you'll be presented with an array of options available to you.Broadband bundles

You'll be able to view the provider, included call packages, broadband speed and usage, offers, as well as the price of course (monthly and first-year cost, plus line rental).

If you'd like to refine your search further there are various options available including only selecting the providers that interest you, and ordering by first-year cost, contract length, provider, usage, speed, up-front cost or monthly cost.

There are also options for those who make a lot of mobile and/or international calls.

Switching home phone provider

Contrary to popular belief, if you switch home phone provider you won't have to change your number and there'll be no interruption to service.

When you see an option you like, you can click through for a detailed breakdown of the product and, if you're happy to proceed, purchase with the provider. This may be done online with an option to complete over the phone, depending on the provider.

Home phone bundles

As using our home phones to actually make calls is nearing extinction, bundling your home phone in with your broadband and TV package could make it easier and cheaper than sourcing seperate products, so it's worth a gander.

Just make sure that you wouldn't be better off with a streaming service like Netflix, Now TV or Amazon Prime before taking the plunge and signing up for a premium TV deal with steep monthly payments.

Broadband without line rental

There are other options to explore if you fancy stepping away from line rental - providers including Virgin Media and Hyperoptic provide broadband options without the need for a home phone line.

However, you may find that you'll be paying a little extra for ditching line rental.

If you feel that you need more information before making a decision, try our home phone guides, where you'll also find the answers to frequently asked questions.