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What’s a home phone bundle?

Whether you want to use it to call your friends and family or need it for your broadband connection, your home phone can come in handy.

Most internet providers require you to have a landline, so they can connect you to their network.

But that doesn’t mean you have to pay over the odds for your bills – comparing home phone bundles can bag you a great deal.

You can only compare home phone, broadband and TV bundles, or home phone and broadband bundles with us, rather than standalone home phone deals.

What are the advantages of having a home phone?

Home phones can seem a little old fashioned, but they do have their uses, so don’t ditch yours in favour of a mobile phone just yet.

If you need to make calls abroad, it can be cheaper to use your landline rather than mobile and you don’t have to worry about how many bars of signal you have.

Plus, if you need to have a landline to access the internet, you may as well use it. You may find a deal with free weekend or evening calls, so you don’t have to use up your mobile minutes.

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Broadband without a landline

There are certain providers that offer this type of product, but they’re currently in the minority. They use their own fibre network, like Virgin, which is why you don’t have to pay line rental.

Alternatively, you can explore satellite broadband or mobile broadband options.

Watch out though. Broadband deals without a landline may actually work out to be more expensive than a more traditional line rental option, so always compare to get a great deal.

Switching providers

It’s easy to switch.

Once you’ve found a deal that suits you, you’ll either need to arrange the switch online or over the phone with your new provider.

You won’t have to change your number and your line won’t be cut off either.

They’ll let you know when they’ve switched you and you can start saving on your bills.

What to consider when choosing a deal

There are a few things to look out for when you’re choosing your new home phone and broadband bundle

  1. How long will the offer last?

    Make a note of when any introductory offer will run out as your bills might go up when it ends

  2. How much is the line rental?

    You’ll pay this monthly so make sure it’s a decent price

  3. Do you make calls more on evenings and weekends?

    You can get evening and weekend calls for free with some providers

  4. Will bundling work out cheaper?

    Bundling your TV, broadband and home phone together could work out cheaper than paying separately, plus you only have to deal with one provider

  5. Do you need a landline?

    Some providers offer broadband without a landline but it can be costly

  6. Are you getting the best deal for you?

    Shop around and compare providers to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your home

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Frequently asked questions

  • Will there be an activation fee?

    There might be, but it’s unlikely to be expensive. Usually it’s around five to ten pounds.

    It’s important to see the breakdown of your first-year cost though, to see exactly what you’re being charged for.

  • What if I want to leave my contract early?

    It’s highly likely that you’ll be charged an exit fee and you may even have to pay for the remainder of your contract.

    However, there are exceptions. For instance, if there are persistent problems with the service. Sometimes your new provider will cover the charges of leaving your old contract early.

  • What’s a cooling-off period?

    This is the 14 days immediately after you’ve bought the package, during which you can cancel the contract for any reason and not be charged for it.

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