The School Summer Holiday Scandal

Summer holidays conjure up delightful images of cocktails by the pool, lounging around on the beach and barging people out of the way at the dinner buffet.

But all that fun in the sun comes with a bumper price tag for Britain's families, forcing them to pay ridiculous sums to take their kids abroad during school holidays.

Indeed, travel costs can skyrocket as soon as the last school bell rings in July and let's not forget half-term and Easter holidays too!

In fact, according to research by FairFX - holiday prices can rise by as much as 115% during the summer holidays compared to vacations taken a fortnight before the summer school term ends. So you're essentially being charged a family travel tax.

Not on our watch!

Paying the fine versus forking out for overpriced holidays

Britain's parents are stuck between a rock and a hard place, facing fines of £60 for taking their kids out of school during term-time or being left out of pocket by the price of family getaways during the school holidays.

Despite being threatened with a fine, research by GoCompare* has found that 46% of parents would consider taking their child out of school to enjoy a family holiday and 21% aren't bothered by getting slapped with a charge.

This isn't hard to understand when 24% of parents believe that they could make savings of between £251 and £500 by holidaying through term time - the money they save far outweighs the fine. It's a no-brainer really.

But why do these price hikes happen?

Unfortunately, it's chalked up as a simple case of supply and demand. More people want to jet off outside of term time and as hotel rooms and places on flights get booked up, providers can push their prices up. It still doesn't make it fair though.

So, if you'd rather skip the fine, like 35% of parents, and stick to taking your kids on holiday outside of term time, we have some tips to help minimise the damage to your bank balance.

Fight back against holiday price hikes

Tick off the checklist below to knock pounds of your holiday bill. The Milky Bars are on you!

  • Get comparing! You can shop around for everything from hotels, holidays, flights, car hire, airport parking and travel insurance. What are you waiting for?
  • Try not to automatically plump for a return flight - you could make savings by getting two single journeys. Want to compare flights easily? Done!
  • Holidays in mid to late August tend to be the cheapest
  • Don't leave it until the last minute. The further in advance you can book your holiday, the cheaper it'll be
  • Skip the weekend and choose a holiday mid-week, when prices are often lower
  • Keep your eyes peeled for special offers, including cashback or options for children to travel for free
  • Live near a port? Consider taking a ferry instead of flying. You could really save some money and can even take your car with you. Adios pricey car hire fees!
  • Choose your destination carefully, a holiday to Spain is usually a given for a cheap and cheerful getaway