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Investment guides: Index

Our investment guides give you the financial facts to make an informed decision about how and where to invest your money.

Commodities and alternative investments

Find out more about putting resources into commodities like gold or oil and alternative investments like wine, art and classic cars. You can also read more about alternative currencies such as Bitcoin.

Commodities and alternative investments »

Fixed-rate bonds

Decide if a fixed-rate bond is the best option for you, then use our comparison service to find the right deal.

Fixed-rate bonds »

Innovative Finance ISA for peer-to-peer loans

The Innovative Finance ISA will make savers using peer-to-peer lending platforms eligible for tax-free interest from April 2016. Learn more about P2P ISAs…

Innovative Finance ISA for peer-to-peer loans »


Find out more about what investments are, how they work and the types available for you.

Investments »

Investment bonds

Investment bonds are sometimes known as single-premium life insurance policies - find out more on the pros and cons of such an investment.

Investment bonds »

Investment supermarkets

Investment supermarkets can help you put money into funds, shares and bonds. Find out whether they’re the right way for you to invest.

Investment supermarkets »

Online investment management services

Managed investment services are a simple way to dip your toe into the world of investment - but are they right for you?

Online investment management services »

Peer-to-peer lending

Learn the pros and cons of peer-to-peer savings, compare P2P options against more traditional savings choices and learn more about crowdfunding.

Peer-to-peer lending »

Private pensions and SIPPs

Compare your investment pension options and learn about tax-efficient ways to save for your retirement, including SIPPS and private pension schemes.

Private pensions and self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs) »

Property crowdfunding

Crowdfunding a property through a peer-to-peer site offers investors a low-cost entry into the buy-to-let market. Read more on the pros and cons…

Property crowdfunding »

Stocks and Shares ISAs

A Stocks and Shares ISA could see you maximise your investments by protecting them in a tax-free wrapper.

Stocks and Shares ISAs »

Tracker funds

A tracker fund can be a low-cost investment option that's simple to understand and may offer attractive returns. Find out more....

Tracker funds »

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An annuity uses your pension pot to buy a regular income for your retirement - if you choose this option, it’s important to shop around for the right deal.

Annuities »

Are pensions better than savings and investments?

Find out the pros and cons of pensions as opposed to regular saving and investment options.

Are pensions better than savings and investments? »

Financial guide to retirement

Do you know how much income you'll get when you retire? Do you know how much you'll need? Get help with the financial realities.

Financial guide to retirement »

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Find out how the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) could protect your savings if a financial firm collapses, and when you might not be covered.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme »

Guide to National Savings & Investments products

Find out about the pros and cons of using National Savings & Investments products, including Premium Bonds.

Guide to National Savings & Investments products »

How to find and choose a financial adviser

Do you need an independent financial adviser (IFA)? How do you find one? Could other financial guidance and advice serve your needs? Read more about the things to consider…

How to find and choose a financial adviser »

Making a will

Our guide to making a will can help you with all aspects of writing a will, including how to approach it and whether you need professional advice.

Making a will »

Offshore banking

Find out more about the pros and cons of offshore current accounts and savings accounts and why they're not just for the super-rich.

Offshore banking »


Robo-advisers are seen as a technological solution to the problems associated with the high cost and lack of availability of financial advice. Find out more…

Robo-advisers »

Tax havens

Find out more about tax havens, how they work and why companies and individuals choose to use them.

Tax havens »

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