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Gift inter vivos (GIV)

Gift inter vivos policies are a niche type of life insurance product designed to cover inheritance tax liability on a potentially exempt transfer (PET).

Key points

  • A GIV policy can cover specific inheritance tax liabilities over a seven-year period
  • It may also be referred to as Potentially Exempt Transfer (PET) Insurance

If you're searching for life insurance you may have come across a type of policy called gift inter vivos (GIV).

While this product can be valuable in the right circumstances, it's a particular type of term life insurance that's only likely to interest you if you have a very specific need related to the planning of your inheritance.

A GIV policy can be used to cover inheritance tax liability on a gift that's been made in an individual's lifetime - perhaps a cash lump sum, for example.

Subject to terms and conditions, such a gift may be classed as a potentially exempt transfer (PET) and you may even see a GIV policy referred to as Potentially Exempt Transfer (PET) Insurance. Making a will

If the individual making such a gift lives for over seven years then it becomes free of inheritance tax liability, but a GIV policy is designed to cover the liability should the individual die in that seven-year period.

The amount of inheritance tax liability decreases by percentages over time and the GIV policy mirrors this, the amount of cover dropping over the term of the product.

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Did you know...?

  • The Latin term 'inter vivos' translates as 'between the living'

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By Sean Davies