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Key Points

Who is BT Mobile?

BT Mobile is a division of BT formally known as British Telecoms Group. Launched in 2015 BT uses the EE network, which it currently owns through an acquisition completed in 2016.

Despite this, BT Mobile is run separately from EE with its own distinct tariffs, sim-only deals, offers and customer services.

BT differentiates from EE in two ways. Firstly with a wide variety of sim-only family plans, and secondly with discounts for existing BT broadband customers.

BT Mobile SIM-only deals

When BT Mobile was first launched in 2015, it was a SIM-only network making their SIM deals very competitive.

All of BT’s SIM-only plans come with unlimited calls and texts. Price is primarily centred on how much data you want. Data allowances start from 1GB and go up to 100GB.

BT Mobile really pushes its family sim plans by offering bigger discounts for the more SIMs you add to a plan; in fact, you can order up to 5 SIMs for you and your family on one plan.

The SIM-only deals containing more data often include free membership to the BT Sports app. These deals are usually 12 month contracts with a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied with BT’s service.

BT Mobile phone contracts

BT first started to offer mobile phone plans in 2017. The selection of phones available is smaller than more established networks, however they often have great exclusive deals available.

You will still be able to find the latest models like iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Sony, Nokia and Huawei.

After you’ve decided on what phone you want you will have to decide on what kind of plan you would like. These mobile phone contracts mirror the sim-only deals with unlimited calls and texts. The contracts differ in price with the amount of data you want each month.

Essential Plan

All-rounder Plan

Premium Plan

Unlimited Minutes and Text





Extra Speed 4G

BT Mobile pay as you go phones

BT does not currently offer pay as you go deals, their focus is mainly on SIM-only 12 month contracts.

Phone deals for existing customers

BT Mobile has amazing savings for it’s BT broadband customers, like a discount on BT mobile deals which everyone in your household can benefit from [1].

BT has been known to promote the following benefits depending on the time of year and type of contract chosen:

Again, incentives change all the time and aren't available all year-round, so be sure to compare mobile deals to see what’s being offered.

Some potential downsides of BT Mobile include:

BT piggybacks on EE’s network, providing them with 99% 4G coverage [4].

As it piggybacks on EE’s network, we can apply EE’s coverage results to BT Mobile. In Ofcom’s most recent mobile survey BT has an 80% satisfaction with overall service score; 3% below the average. [5].

How to find the best BT mobile phone deals

Before you make any quick decisions think through the following points:

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