Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have a problem with your order, your new mobile phone, a free gift or cashback, you will need to get in touch with the retailer from which you purchased your new phone.

If you’ve got a new mobile phone contract that’s with EE, for example, and purchased it through Carphone Warehouse with a free gift, then it’s generally Carphone Warehouse who is responsible for fulfilling this gift, not EE. 

Mobile Phone Network customer service contacts


Customer Service Line

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ASDA Mobile

0800 079 2732

Online Customer Service

BT Mobile

0800 800150

Online Support Centre


0800 956 6000

Online Customer Service


0113 272 2000

Online Support Centre

iD Mobile

0333 003 7777

Help & Advice


0344 809 0202

Online Help Centre


0800 432 0200

Online Support Centre

SKY Mobile

0333 7591 018

Online Support Centre



Help centre

Tesco Mobile

0345 301 4455

Online Support Centre


03333 381 001

Online Support Centre

Virgin Mobile

0345 454 1111

Online Support Centre


0808 040 8408

Online Support Centre



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How do I claim my free gift or cashback?

If you took out a mobile phone deal which includes a free gift or cashback, you will need to get in touch with the reseller or Network from where you made the purchase.


Cashback is generally available from the resellers, such as Carphone Warehouse or Mobile Phones Direct, and is available in two different formats:

Automatic cashback: The reseller automatically processes this for you and will send you a cheque in the post.

Cashback by redemption: The reseller will pay this to you in equal instalments throughout the duration of your cashback. You generally have to claim this cashback directly with the reseller by sending them copies of your bill. Please visit the reseller’s website for more details on how this works. 

Free gifts

If you’re lucky enough to get a free gift with your new mobile phone, these will likely be sent to you with your new handset and won’t need to be claimed. 

Often, a manufacturer, such as Samsung, will pair a free gift, such as the Samsung smart watch, alongside one of their handsets, which needs to be claimed direct with them. 

I want to return my phone

If you’ve purchased a phone or contract from one of the mobile networks or resellers and want to return it, you will need to contact them direct in order to return it.