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Key points

● O2 Refresh is O2's new monthly billing structure that splits your bill into two segments: the device cost and the usage cost

● If you run out of minutes, texts or data, there are a variety of different bolt-ons available if you need to top up

● O2 has a variety of incentive and reward schemes available, like O2 priority, designed to give back to loyal O2 customers

What is O2?

O2 was created in 2002 by BT Cellnet, however the company is now owned by Spanish telecommunications giant Telefonica. In addition to its own business, O2 also operates and owns another large telecom company; Giffgaff. 

As well as being a renowned mobile phone network, O2 is the primary sponsor of some of the largest live entertainment venues in the UK.  

In addition to the venues, O2 also sponsors several high-profile sports teams, notably including the England international rugby team.  

Why compare O2 mobile phone deals?

In the UK, O2 currently offers 99% coverage on 2G, 3G and 4G networks[1]. So, it’s probably not surprising that O2 won ‘Best Network Performance’ at the Mobile News Awards 2019.

Other benefits include O2 member perks, including:

● O2 Custom Plans: Gives you the choice of how much you want to pay upfront, your plan length and the amount of data you want.

● O2 Priority Scheme: Gives you access to exclusive offers and experiences daily 

● O2 Refresh:  Your bill is split into two parts - the Device Plan and Airtime Plan - meaning your bill is automatically lowered once your device is paid off. You can increase or decrease your airtime plan to suit you

● O2 Recycle: Receive money for your old unwanted devices

● O2 Bolt-ons: If you do exhaust your monthly quota of minutes, texts or data you can use O2 Bolt-ons to top up whatever you need

● O2 Family:  Save on bills for the whole family with O2’s family plan. Receive 10-40% off the Airtime Plan with every new eligible pay monthly connection

 In addition to the Priority scheme, O2 also operates a refer-a-friend system, which allows each customer to bag perks like Amazon UK vouchers. 

Incentives can be useful, but they shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Shop around multiple providers for the latest deals and check the terms and conditions before you buy. 

Mobile contract phones

O2 offers many of the latest mobile phones on contract, including popular brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Google and Sony. Unlike most networks, O2 also offers flexible tariffs for those on contract.

Pay as you go phones 

O2 pay as you go (PAYG) mobile phones are a potential solution for people who don't use their phone very often, but still want to be connected when needed. 

Even pricier phones (for example the iPhone X) are available to buy on PAYG, offering customers more flexibility without locking them into a 12, 24 or 32-month contract. 

Pay as you go rates

If you’ve already got a mobile, O2 SIM-only deals on PAYG can be pretty economical –as you only pay for what you use, without the expense of a handset. 

You can top-up your SIM-card and buy an O2 big bundle , which comes with 4G, or unlimited minutes, texts and a data rollover. 

When you choose PAYG with O2 you’re still entitled to O2 priority and O2 rewards, allowing you to retain any priority benefits you have. It's worth noting though that you can't currently get PAYG deals through GoCompare.

Pay monthly sims 

For customers looking for a cheaper alternative to contract deals, a pay monthly SIM -deals might be the best option for you. This deal is still a contract, but without the handset costs attached.  

 SIM-only deals could help save you money if you already have a phone, as long as you stay within your monthly allowances. 

The more economical O2 SIM-only deals often have limited data and might not be suitable if you use your phone for activities like HD streaming, downloading or gaming. In this case, paying less for a cheaper SIM could end up costing you more if your allowance needs topping up monthly.

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[1]O2 Coverage and Network Review, 2019.