Plusnet Mobile SIM Only Deals

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Plusnet has been a provider of domestic broadband since the early 2000s and has become an alternative for those looking to venture outside mainstream mobile networks like O2 , Three and Vodafone .

Key Points

What mobile network does Plusnet use?

As part of BT's acquisition of EE in 2016, the British telecoms giant also took ownership of EE's subsidiary, LIFE Mobile, which later became known as Plusnet. As a result of this, Plusnet is part of one of the most well-connected networks in the UK, with almost nationwide coverage and 4G throughout.

So it’s no surprise Plusnet branched out into the world of mobile phone services.

What Plusnet mobile deals are available?

In keeping with the "good, honest" approach, Plusnet mobile plans are simple and straightforward. Plusnet has opted for a strictly sim-only approach, focusing on their services themselves rather than the handsets.

Plusnet SIM-only

Plusnet’s SIM-only approach is ideal for those that already have a phone they're happy with, or those that prefer to buy their handsets outright.

Plusnet Mobile offers 30-day rolling contracts on a sim-only basis, using the EE network's infrastructure as its foundation.

Simply choose the Plusnet mobile tariff with the data, minutes and text allowance that suits your needs and away you go.

Plusnet occasionally hosts special offers which are worth keeping an eye out for, giving customers more data, text and calls than standard plans.

Why choose a Plusnet mobile sim-only deal?

In addition to the simple SIM-only options, Plusnet mobile offers a variety of handy benefits that helps it stand out from the crowd.

Plusnet mobile bolt-ons

If you happen to be having a busy month full of lengthy calls, copious amounts of texts and data you can add more allowances using a bolt-on.

With a variety of bolt-ons to choose from, you could be back up and reconnected in no time. You can top up cheaply too, allowing you to potentially ride out the rest of the month without breaking the bank.

Plusnet mobile Mates Rates

Existing Plusnet broadband customers and Plusnet home phone customers will automatically be eligible for Plusnet Mates Rates. As the name suggests, this essentially provides you with a bigger allowance at no extra cost.

Better still, up to five members of your household can be registered on this scheme. However, if you decide to switch your broadband or landline supplier, you'll lose your Mates Rates privileges.

Plusnet mobile Smart Cap

If you're worried about exhausting your supply of data, minutes or texts, Smart Cap provides added peace of mind. A Smart Cap allows you to set a limit on your spending, guaranteeing you won't run over your allowance.

Plusnet will give you a heads-up when you've reached 80% of your limit. Meanwhile, you can alter your Smart Cap at any time.

Pay as you go and contracts

Plusnet keeps their offers simple, specialising in competitive SIM-only deals.

This means that Plusnet do not currently offer pay as you go or mobile handsets, however they might do in the future.

If you would prefer a new handset you can compare the latest mobile phone contracts or SIM-only options to find a deal that works best for you.

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