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If you're looking for a new mobile, Sky's the limit!

As the kings of satellite television in the UK, Sky has expanded its horizons in recent years to venture into the land of mobile phones.

Having been an institution of UK TV for decades, Sky publicly threw its hat in the mobile phone ring at the tail end of 2016, officially going live on 5 January 2017.

Has a crowded market and competitive environment caused Sky to head into a storm, or has the broadcasting giant continued without a cloud in sight? Let's find out.

What network does Sky Mobile use?

Sky Mobile operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), essentially piggybacking off the almighty O2 network infrastructure. As a result of O2's powerful connectivity, Sky mobile coverage is ample to say the least.

With Sky's iron-clad brand rep backed by O2's solid operating network, the new kids on the mobile telecoms block has been hanging tough with the best of them, despite its short history in the medium.

What makes Sky Mobile different?

Upon its debut, Sky Mobile initially offered exclusively sim-only contracts, with a stronger focus on data and less emphasis on traditional calls and texts. Since then, it's naturally progressed into the realm of handsets as well, and now offers a litany of options for its customers.

While Sky Mobile may seem like just another network on the surface of things, it does actually offer some unique services, so it stands strong against its competitors. Correct in April 2018, five of these unique traits are particularly notable for those considering a Sky dive. Please bear in mind that names and features may change, so - if you're in the market for a Sky mobile phone deal - always compare to see what's current.

Sky Mobile Roll

The Roll option allows you to roll over any unused data for up to three years. So if you don’t happen to exhaust your data allowance, your remaining data will bleed over into the following month. No imminent best before or expiry date in sight!

Sky Mobile Swap

The Swap option lets you trade your current handset for a shiny new one. This is split into two categories: Swap12 and Swap24. As you can probably figure out, the former allows you to switch your device every year, while the latter lets you upgrade every two years - but with the added incentive of a typically lower monthly cost.

Sky Mobile Mix

The Mix option gives you the freedom to alter your plan each month to better suit your usage needs. This allows you to rearrange your monthly allowance of data, calls and texts so that you have a solid supply of whatever you need.

Sky Mobile Save

If you happen to be a Sky TV customer, you'll also be eligible for free unlimited calls and texts. Better still, this existing customer perk is included on any Sky Mobile plan. What's more, customers are allowed to take out up to five plans – ideal for families looking to get the most out of their Sky account.

Sky Mobile Sync

Sky TV customers will also have the freedom to access Sky+ recordings on the go, making home entertainment on the move a doddle. Users are free to stream their shows over 4G or download them over WiFi to watch later without eating up their data. Sky TV customers are also granted free access to the Sky Go mobile apps.

What Sky mobile phone deals are available?

Like most networks, Sky offers its customers three primary avenues to go down when signing up to Sky Mobile. These include Sky pay monthly mobile phone options, sim-only plans and the pay as you go (PAYG) route.

To give you an idea of what may be best suited to you, here's a quick rundown of each as it was in April, 2018, for your info.

Sky mobile phone contract

With the option of 12 and 24-month Sky mobile contracts, the pay monthly phone plans from Sky could be an option for those looking for a new handset. The combination of the Roll, Swap and Mix perks can provide a lot of freedom and flexibility when it comes to controlling your outgoings and keeping up to date with the latest technology.

However, if you're shopping with Sky online, take the first price you see with a pinch of salt. The total sum of the contract comprises of the monthly phone cost, chosen data plan and calls/text fees, which can become a hefty bill once you add them all together.

Sky sim-only mobile deals

The bread and butter of the Sky Mobile network, it should come as no surprise that there are a variety of Sky mobile sim-only deals available. Without the cost of the handset, the savings made by opting for just a Sky sim card may make a noticeable difference to your monthly bill.

With price plans starting from near enough a fiver a month for Sky TV customers, this is a potential option for those looking to tighten their belts. Similarly, it can also be a great way of saving if you're happy with your current handset.

Sky pay as you use deals

Unlike a traditional PAYG option, the Sky Mobile pay as you use plan is an offshoot of the standard Sky mobile phones contract and sim-only options. While this does mean that you'll need to sign up to a monthly data plan, it does allow non-Sky TV customers the option to minimise spending on calls and texts.

It's worth noting that you can't buy Sky pay as you use deals through GoCompare - or any other PAYG plan for that matter. Perhaps no bad thing if you're a heavy downloader or streamer, as PAYG options tend to suit less frequent mobile users.

Saving money on Sky Mobile

Whether you're looking for Sky mobile phone packages, Sky sim deals or a Sky mobile deal in general, be sure to fly by our comparison search. A quick visit could well help you uncover some great offers and hopefully find you an awesome mobile deal.

What are you waiting for? Weigh up Sky mobile prices and compare the latest offers!

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