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Money infographics and interactives: Index

Get informed and entertained with Gocompare.com's collection of money infographics and interactives.


Billionaire league

Billionaires are a rare breed, but how do they compare with one another? Which country has the most? Where did their money come from? How old are they? How many are women? How many dropped out of college? How many kids do they have?

Billionaire league »

Budget soundboard

Get that House of Commons buzz in the comfort of your own home with our AMAZING Budget soundboard!

Budget soundboard »

Digital banking fraud

With so many people now managing their money online, we considered some of the most common scams and threats.

Digital banking fraud »

Falling Bills game

Play our online Falling Bills game - see how many bonuses you can grab before the time runs out!

Falling Bills game »

Fantastic plastic mighty memory game

Can you clear your credit card bill with the power of your mind?

Fantastic plastic mighty memory game »

Funny money

Slang has been used to describe money for centuries, giving us a wide range of expressions to use in reference to currency and credit. With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at some of the more interesting terms from around the world and traced their origins.

Funny money »

How midata can change banking

How midata can shake up the broken banking world, empowering consumer choice and forcing the growth of customer-focused accounts and providers.

How midata can change banking »

How to make money from your home

There are lots of ways to make extra cash from your home, without having to sell it. Here are a few suggestions to get you started...

How to make money from your home »

How to teach children about money

Find out the different ways parents can make sure their kids are ready to enter adulthood with essential financial lessons.

How to teach children about money »

People of note

You carry it, you spend it, but how well do you know the important figures that feature on your money? Take our quiz and test your knowledge about these people of note.

People of note »

Premier League spending

What could the Premier League's payments to clubs in 2013-14 really buy?

Premier League spending »

Prices then and now

Prices fluctuate considerably over the years, with both positive and negative effects on our wallets. Test your knowledge of how much prices have changed.

Prices then and now »

Spending at Christmas

We asked you how much you spend on Christmas, and what gifts you give to your loved ones.

Spending at Christmas »

Tax calculator

Try our income tax calculator and see how your earnings compare to Simon Cowell, Beyonce and the Queen.

Tax calculator »

The cost of a Super Bowl advert

The half-time commercial break during the Super Bowl has become almost as popular as the game itself, and advertisers are expected to pay huge sums for a slot. We take a look at what this money could buy you instead.

The cost of a Super Bowl advert »

Thrifty family recipes

Try our healthy and thrifty family recipe book, written by top food bloggers.

Thrifty family recipes »

Weird world currencies

Take a look at some of the weird and wonderful things that have been used as alternatives to money around the world, some of which are still in use today...

Weird world currencies »

What salary do you need to buy a home?

Taking a look at salaries and average prices...

What salary do you need to buy a home? »

What type of saver are you?

Take our quiz and find out whether you're a savvy saver or a big spender.

What type of saver are you? »

Women of note

We decided to look into just how many ‘notable’ women are paid homage to on bank notes...

Women of note »


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