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Additional tax allowance is available to those who are registered blind

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This includes any benefits you’re entitled to, such as Universal Credit, or deductions for expenses. Remember to put a minus symbol if you’re entering a deduction.


2. Childcare Vouchers:

Are you a working parent? Fill in the fields if you’re on the Childcare Voucher scheme.

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Include any amounts you are paying into a personal or employee pension scheme either in £ or %.


4. Student loan:

If you’re repaying your student loan a certain amount will automatically be deducted from your pay packet each month. If this applies to you, tick ‘Yes’.

Did you know? If you’re eligible for Married Couple’s Allowance, you can transfer it to your spouse or civil partner.

Make sure your tax code is up to date. You might be on an emergency tax code if you’ve just started a new job and don’t have a P45 from your previous job yet.

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