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Try our calculator to determine what your mortgage repayments would be.

Amanda Bathory-Griffiths
Amanda Bathory-Griffiths
Updated 1 July 2019  | 3 min read

If you’re a first-time buyer, moving home or remortgaging an existing property, our calculator illustrates how much your monthly repayments may be and how long you would need to pay off your loan[1].

The calculator is for guidance only - for an exact quotation, tell us more information about your situation and finances and we'll help you to compare mortgages.

How much will my mortgage payment be?

Your monthly mortgage repayments are largely determined by the amount you borrow, the length of your mortgage term, interest rate and the type of mortgage you choose. Lenders will also review your credit profile and personal expenses as well.

To view your potential monthly mortgage repayments, select the value of the mortgage, payment term and interest rate below.

If you're not sure if a repayment or interest-only mortgage is right for you, you can use the calculator to find out roughly how much you'd repay per month and the interest you'd pay off in either scenario.

Monthly Payments

This is the full amount of money you would like to borrow


This is the period of time over which you want the loan to be repaid


This is the interest that will be applied to what you borrow


Your monthly repayments would be

Your interest-only monthly repayments would be

How much do I end up paying?

  • Debt
  • Interest

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

How long will it take to pay my mortgage off?

The duration of your mortgage is known as the 'mortgage term'. The length of the mortgage repayment term depends on how much you're looking to borrow and what you're able to afford every month.

To find out how long it'll take you to pay off your mortgage, tell us how much you want to borrow, the monthly repayment cost and the amount of interest you're going to pay.

This is the full amount of money you would like to borrow


This is the amount you would like to repay each month.


This is the interest that will be applied to what you borrow


You could have it repaid in
years months

Based on the monthly repayments, it would take over 150 years to repay a mortgage of this size.

Please try a lower mortgage amount or interest rate.

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[1]GoCompare accepts no responsibility if the results of any calculator are incorrect. The results provided are for guidance only and should not be considered a legitimate mortgage quote.