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Motorbike insurance

Compare cheap bike insurance quotes and see if you can save today

  • You could save up to £130 on your motorbike insurance[1]
  • View quotes for all types of motorcycles, mopeds and scooters
  • Compare motorcycle insurance quotes from over 30 UK brands[2]

Motorcycle insurance

Our trusted motorbike insurance brands

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Looking for a cheap motorbike insurance quote?

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Bikes and mopeds and scooters, oh my! Doesn’t matter what you ride - or what you aspire to ride - you’ve all got one thing in common: you want the cheapest deal on your bike insurance.

And with the weather potentially on the turn at any moment, you’re going to want to get your cover sorted in as little time as possible, which is where GoCompare can help.

You’ve got better things to do with your biking time than spend it shopping around for insurance, so let us do the legwork - all you need to get started is your number plate, or the make, year and engine size of your bike.

Types of motorbike insurance

Your motorbike insurance choices fall into three broad categories:

  • Third party - only covers damage and injury you cause to others
  • Third party, fire and theft - as above, but covers you if your bike gets nicked or combusts
  • Fully comprehensive - cover for damage to your bike, as well as third-party damage and injuries

Two’s company

  • Pillions aren’t usually included as standard - make sure you say whether you’ll carry passengers when you get a quote

Different types of motorbike need different cover too. You can choose what you need from your policy when you get a quote from us, whether that’s insurance for accessories and modifications on your custom cruiser or third-party fire and theft insurance for your very first moped.

Riders of Q-plated motorbikes and quad bikes haven’t been forgotten - you can’t get an online quote with us but we’ll give you details for insurers who might be able to help. Can’t say fairer than that.

Finding cheap motorbike insurance

Loads of things can push up the price of your motorbike insurance, but there’s plenty you can do to keep the cost down too - start by comparing and challenging us to find you a better price.

Take note of the other things that make your motorbike insurance more expensive and think about whether you could get cheaper cover by changing any of these.

Get informed

  • Type of bike - big engines and higher horsepower often rev up insurance costs. If you’re born to be mild, a modest motorbike could cut costs
  • Modifications - anything that changes the appearance or performance of your bike could pump up the price of insurance, while security or safety mods might earn a discount on your premiums
  • Security - safe bikes make insurers happy, so keeping your motorbike in a locked garage or adding locks and alarms, for example, can mean lower premiums
  • Riders and pillion - the age, experience and claims history of the riders you’re insuring can affect the premium, as can whether you want to carry a pillion or not

You need to let us know the ins and outs of all of the above to get your insurance quotes, so have it to hand from the get-go.

All the trimmings for you and your bike

Not all motorbike insurance is created equal, so as well as finding all the best motorbike insurance quotes you can see your options for legal assistance, helmet and leathers cover and breakdown cover.

No claims? No problem!

  • Some insurers may let you transfer a no claims bonus from a car to a bike, or vice-versa, but you’ll need to check this is ok with individual insurers

And if you’re a bit baffled by bike insurance you need to peer into our Motorbike insurance lock-up - it’s rammed full of guides and tips on motorbike towing, sidecar insurance, insurance for riding abroad, learner riders, 125cc bikes, 50cc scooters, imported bikes, modified machines, security, storage and much, much more.