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Insurance types and cover

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    Classic motorbike insurance

    Classic motorbikes and scooters usually need slightly different cover to modern bikes. Find out more about insuring a vintage bike, whatever its age.

    Electric motorbike insurance

    If you plan to ride your electric motorcycle on the road, you’ll need to insure it. Find out more about electric motorbike insurance here and compare quotes.

    Quad-bike insurance

    Insuring a quad bike for on- or off-road use usually needs a specialist insurer - learn more and get the right cover for your four-wheeler.

    Insuring a three-wheeler

    Find out about insuring and riding motorised tricycles, including information on licence laws, MOT and tax details.

    Short-term motorbike insurance

    If you only need motorbike insurance for a few days, or months, short-term cover might be the most cost-effective option.

    Young riders' motorbike insurance

    Compare motorbike insurance quotes for young riders, learn more about why premiums might be pricey and find out how to keep costs down.

    Multi-bike insurance

    If you ride two or more bikes you could insure them on a multi-bike policy. Find out how to do it and whether it could save you money.

Popular guides

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    Motorcycle MOT checker

    Get clued up on everything you need to know about having a motorcycle MOT, including the cost and what is tested.

    Sidecar insurance

    Find out the practical and legal considerations to take into account when arranging sidecar insurance for your motorbike.

    European motorbike insurance cover

    If you're riding on the continent you might assume your motorbike insurance gives you European cover, but this isn't always the case.

    Helmet and leathers cover

    Find out how to get cover for your riding leather, helmet, boots, gloves and accessories, either through your motorbike or home insurance policy.

    Advanced motorcycle training

    Learn about advanced riding courses, how they might lower your motorbike insurance premiums, plus their other potential benefits.

    Motorbike insurance groups

    The cost of your motorbike insurance will depend on your bikes insurance group. Find out more here.

    Motorbike warranty

    A motorcycle warranty is an optional insurance policy that can protect against the risk of mechanical breakdown. Find out more.

    MyLicence: IIADD database

    The Insurance Industry Access to Driver Data (IIADD) database, branded as MyLicence, could mean easier and more accurate quotes for riders.

    Personal accident cover

    Personal accident cover can offer compensation for death or injuries sustained due to a vehicle accident. Learn more about it here.

    Motorbike breakdown cover

    What are the factors you need to consider when arranging breakdown cover for your motorbike, scooter or moped?

    Motorbike and moped licences

    Motorbike and moped licences have an impact on many aspects of riding, including insurance premiums. Find out more about your options and the age requirements.

    Does motorbike insurance cover tyres?

    Find out how to protect your motorbike tyres and stay safe on the road.

    Is my motorbike taxed?

    Any motorbike used or kept on a public road needs to be taxed.

    Is my motorbike insured?

    UK law requires a motorbike is insured at all times unless you make a SORN with the DVLA.

    How to SORN a motorbike

    You don’t need to apply for a SORN annually, it runs indefinitely until you start paying road tax on the vehicle.

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