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Motorbike insurance guides: Index

Our guides give you the facts so you can make an informed choice when you compare motorbike insurance policies and providers.

Advanced motorcycle training

Details of the main advanced riding courses, how they might cut your motorbike insurance premiums, plus their other potential benefits.

Advanced motorcycle training »

Classic motorbike insurance

Classic motorbikes and scooters might need slightly different cover to modern vehicles... find out more about insuring a vintage bike, whatever its age.

Classic motorbike insurance »

European motorbike insurance cover

If you're riding on the continent you might assume your motorbike insurance gives you European cover, but this isn't always the case...

European motorbike insurance cover »

50cc motorbike insurance

Learn more about insurance for 50cc mopeds and scooters.

50cc motorbike insurance »

Helmet and leather cover

Find out how to get cover for your riding leather, helmet, boots, gloves and other apparel, either on your motorbike or home insurance policy.

Helmet and leather cover »

How motorbike insurance quotes are calculated

Find out how companies use risk factors such as your address, occupation and riding history to calculate your bike insurance quotes.

How motorbike insurance quotes are calculated »

Imported motorbike insurance

If you have an imported motorbike - whether a parallel or grey import, or a Q-plate - arranging insurance can be more complicated. Find out more and compare quotes.

Imported motorbike insurance »

Insuring a motorbike for work use

If you use a motorbike to commute, for business use and/or courier and delivery work, find out how to get the right insurance cover for your needs.

Insuring a motorbike for work use »

Insuring a three-wheeler

Find out about insuring and riding motorised tricycles, including information on judging whether your three-wheeler is a car or a motorbike, licence laws, MOT and tax details.

Insuring a three-wheeler »

Learner and new rider insurance

Find out how to get the right motorbike insurance for learner and new riders.

Learner and new rider insurance »

Legal expenses insurance

If you're involved in a riding accident, the legal fees can quickly mount up. You may already have legal assistance as part of your existing policy - or you might need to consider additional legal protection cover.

Legal expenses insurance »

Motorbike insurance optional extras

An explanation of add-ons to policies, including legal protection, breakdown cover and protected no claims discount.

Motorbike insurance optional extras »

Motorbike modifications and your insurance

Learn when, how and why modifications might affect the price of your motorbike insurance.

Motorbike modifications and your insurance »

Motorbike security and your insurance

An explanation of how security markings and devices can lower the cost of your bike insurance.

Motorbike security and your insurance » 

Motorbike warranty

A motorcycle warranty is an optional insurance policy that can protect against the risk of mechanical breakdown. Find out more.

Motorbike warranty »

MyLicence: IIADD database

The Insurance Industry Access to Driver Data (IIADD) database, branded as MyLicence, could mean easier and more accurate quotes for riders.

MyLicence: IIADD database »

No claims bonuses and discounts

Explaining no claims discounts, bonuses and protection and how these things can impact on the price of your premium.

No claims bonuses and discounts »

Overnight storage and motorbike insurance

Where you keep your motorbike overnight will affect your insurance premiums, so find out more about storage and where to park your ride after dark.

Overnight storage and motorbike insurance »

125cc motorbike insurance

Find out more about insurance for 125cc motorbikes and scooters to get the right cover at the right price for your small bike.

125cc motorbike insurance »

Personal accident cover

Personal accident cover can offer compensation for death and specified significant injuries sustained as a result of being in a vehicle accident. If you're unfortunate enough to have an accident, try our guide to personal injury claims.

Personal accident cover »

Pillion cover for passengers

Carrying a passenger on a motorbike has insurance implications for both the rider and the person on the pillion.

Pillion cover for passengers »

Quad-bike insurance

Insuring a quad bike for on- or off-road use presents some unique problems - learn more and get the right cover for your four-wheeler.

Quad-bike insurance »

Scooter insurance

Compare scooter insurance quotes for all types of mopeds and scooters, from 49cc to 125cc models.

Scooter insurance »

Short-term motorbike insurance

If you only need motorbike insurance for a few days or months, short-term cover might be the most cost-effective option. Find out more about temporary insurance for your motorcycle.

Short-term motorbike insurance »

Sidecar insurance

Find out the practical and legal considerations to take into account when arranging sidecar insurance for your motorbike.

Sidecar insurance »

Telematics insurance for motorbikes

Can motorbikers and telematics insurance ever be a workable mix? We look at the development of black box technology for motorcycles.

Telematics insurance for motorbikes »

Top tips for cheap motorbike insurance

Get the right cover at the right price with our top tips for cheaper bike insurance quotes.

Top tips for cheap motorbike insurance »

Towing and motorbike insurance

If you want to use your motorbike for towing, you need to make sure you’re insured and that your trailer is safe and legal.

Towing and motorbike insurance »

Young riders' motorbike insurance

Compare motorbike insurance quotes for young riders, learn more about why premiums may be pricey and find out how to keep costs low.

Young riders' motorbike insurance »

You may also be interested in:

Claims and Underwriting Exchange database (Cue)

Find out all about the Claims and Underwriting Exchange database (Cue) and how it could impact on your search for motorbike insurance.

Claims and Underwriting Exchange database (Cue) »

Fuel prices and fuel cost calculator

Fuel prices are a huge concern for motorists, but road users may be making a false economy by riding miles trying to find cheap petrol and diesel. Find out more and try our fuel cost calculator.

Fuel prices »

Motorbike breakdown cover

What are the factors you need to consider when arranging breakdown cover for your motorbike, scooter or moped?

Motorbike breakdown cover »

Motorbike and moped licences

Motorbike and moped licences have an impact on many aspects of riding, including insurance premiums... Find out more about the options and requirements.

Motorbike and moped licences »

Number plates

Find out what the numbers and letters on vehicle registration plates stand for, with information on legal requirements, replacements and personalised plates.

Number plates »

Parking laws

Do you know where you can park and when? Or what to do if you get a ticket, a wheel clamp, or your motorbike taken away?

Parking laws »


How to report potholes and how to make a claim if you suffer injury or damage to your bike or other property as a result of one.

Potholes »

Psychology of driving

What do individual personality traits and psychological theory have to say about your ability to ride safely? Get the expert view.

Psychology of driving »

Speed awareness courses

Learn about speed awareness courses - who can take them, how much they cost, how they affect insurance prices and whether they improve your riding.

Speed awareness courses »

Speed cameras

Are speed cameras effective in reducing accidents, or are they just there to make money? Gocompare.com presents the results of its survey.

Speed cameras »

Winter motorbike riding tips

Winter can be a tough time for motorcyclists, but with a few adaptations to your bike, your gear and your riding, you can keep safe while biking year-round.

Winter motorbike riding tips »

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