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What’s modified motorbike insurance?

Modified motorbike insurance covers the increase in value from additions or alterations and any extra risk they pose.

If you make any changes to your bike from the manufacturer’s standard specification, your insurer needs to know about it, otherwise your policy could be invalid when you try to make a claim.

Although most accessories and alterations can be accommodated by a standard motorbike insurance policy, some insurers will have limits on the number and type of modifications made so they might not be able to cover a heavily modified bike.

How to get modified motorbike insurance

If you already have an insurance policy then tell your current insurer about the exact modifications you’ve made or that you plan to make, before you ride anywhere.

The insurer might ask the manufacturer and specification of any accessories fitted, as well as the cost. In the case of performance alterations, it might even request an engineer’s report.

Modifications can make your bike more valuable and can also change the level of risk you pose to the insurer, so there’s likely to be an increase in your premiums. You might also have to pay an admin fee to make the changes.

If your insurer can’t offer cover for the changes you’ve made, you might have to find cover with a different provider instead.

You have to disclose any modifications when you apply for insurance. When you compare quotes with us you can put down your accessories and modifications and we’ll only show you quotes from the insurers that can cover you.

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Are modified bikes more expensive to insure?

They can be.

There are three reasons why modifications might push your premium up:

  • The bike is more desirable so may be more at risk of theft
  • The bike’s performance has been enhanced meaning you can ride at faster speeds
  • The cost of the modifications or accessories and the value they add to your bike

Each insurer has an underwriting policy, so you’ll have to discuss your modifications with your insurer to make sure you’ve got the cover you need.

You’ll also need to know how the bike will be valued and what you can expect to be paid if your bike was written off.

Some insurers will cover a modified bike but not the value of the modifications themselves – so you’ll be insured to ride but if your accessories are stolen or damaged, you’d have to cover the cost yourself.

Other insurers will ask you the modification spec and value so they can cover them.

If your bike’s heavily modified or custom-built, specialist insurers can offer you an ‘agreed value’ policy where all modifications are considered and calculated to an amount that you mutually agree at the policy’s outset.

Types of modifications

Physical modifications

Physical modifications range from basic cosmetic changes like removing fairings or adding decals, to extreme physical alterations to the entire frame.

You’ll pay more for your insurance if you make modifications like:

  • Carbon fibre replacements - because they're expensive
  • Specialist paintwork such as race colours - because the bike’s more desirable

Practical modifications

Practical modifications are less likely to affect your premium.

The main consideration when it comes to luggage-carrying additions is whether they’ve been permanently fitted or not.

If your panniers or trunk can be easily removed, they might not be covered if they’re stolen.

Other practical modifications include:

  • Luggage rack
  • Heated grips
  • Panniers, top box or trunk bag
  • Crash bobbins, crash protectors, frame sliders and exhaust and fork protectors

Performance modifications

Modifications that improve your bike’s power or speed are likely to lead to a rise in premium.

That’s because the bike might be considered harder to control and more likely to attract thieves.

  • Power-increasing exhausts
  • Supercharging and turbocharging
  • Dynojet and engine tuning

Safety modifications

While many modifications increase the power of your bike, there are also alterations you can make that improve safety.

They might improve handling, control and stability in adverse weather conditions.

Insurers don’t always lower premiums because of these modifications, but you shouldn’t expect a price rise when installing:

  • Active or semi-active suspension systems
  • Throttle or power restrictors
  • Enhanced braking systems
  • Cruising or touring tyres

Security modifications

With insurer-approved motorbike security fitted, it’s possible that you could enjoy significant savings on your premium.

Security modifications include:

  • Active or semi-active suspension systems
  • Tracker
  • Immobiliser
  • Engine/chassis etching

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