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More than just motor insurance

Insuring your motorhome is a legal requirement – but it’s about more than just your liabilities out on the road.

Your motorhome’s stuffed with all the gear and personal possessions you need for many a happy camping trip and you probably use it quite differently to your regular car.

Motorhome insurance can cover you for theft and accidents just like a car insurance policy, but beyond that it’ll look after your camper’s contents, can cover you for time abroad and look after all the accessories that make your van feel like home.

Extras like accidental damage insurance, windscreen cover and legal fees might also come in handy. Motorhome breakdown cover cover might be another useful add-on.

Motorhome insurance for all shapes and sizes! Campers, compacts, RVs, demountables and more

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Your motorhome mileage

Keeping your annual mileage below a pre-agreed limit can mean substantial savings on your premiums.

You might have to sign a declaration stating how many miles your vehicle’s done at the start of the policy or send a photograph of your odometer to the insurer.

How do you use yours?

If your camper is the only vehicle in your life and you use it for daily driving and commuting, as well as for your holidays, then it’s likely to be more expensive and difficult to cover.

If you leave your motorhome on its parking spot for weeks at a time and only get behind the wheel for leisure use, you could be spoilt for choice with a range of cheaper policies from providers specialising in this type of cover.

No-claims discount

A few year’s claim-free driving can substantially reduce your premiums.

Your no-claims history doesn’t need to have been earned on a motorhome - most insurers will let you use a no-claims history earned on a car, as long as it’s not already in use on another vehicle.

Unique vehicles

From historic converted VW buses to quirky micro-campers adapted from large cars, it can be trickier to find cover for modifications or anything less than standard.

Our panel of insurers includes providers that specialise in these sorts of vehicles, so you’ll still be able to find cover.

Club discounts

Being a member of a camping club or association can get you a discount on your premium, but you’ll have to provide the insurer with proof that you’re a member.

The Caravan and Motorhome Club has one million members[†] and offers driving safety courses that might net you a further discount.

Make your motorhome insurance cheaper

Seven top tips to cut your camper cover costs…

  1. Pay annually

    If you can, paying your insurance in one go usually means it’ll be cheaper

  2. Security improvements

    Consider motorhome security devices like alarms and wheel clamps – although the cost of fitting might take some years to recoup through insurance savings

  3. Get the right cover for self-builds

    Modifications for any vehicle can be costlier to insure, but if your motorhome’s heavily modified or you fitted it out from scratch, insurers who specialise in this might be able to cover it cheaper

  4. Get qualified

    Getting some advanced driving qualifications could get you a discount

  5. Park somewhere safe

    Use your garage or driveway if you have one – parking on the road comes with extra risks that can make insurance more expensive

  6. Beware of add-ons

    Only buy the extra insurance features you need – so don’t add breakdown insurance if you have another policy that covers you already

  7. Shop around

    Compare motorhome insurance quotes to get the best deal

Frequently asked questions

  • What’s the average cost of motorhome insurance?

    The cost of motorhome insurance depends on things like the vehicle’s age, type and size as well as the owner’s personal details and whether you have a no claims bonus.

    To get an idea of how much it’d cost to insure your motorhome, compare quotes now.

  • Can I drive a motorhome on my car insurance?

    No. Motorhomes aren’t used in the same way as cars, for instance staying in the vehicle overnight or cooking in it, so they carry a very different set of risks that need specialist insurance.

  • How do I estimate mileage?

    Work out the number of miles you drive in a typical week and multiply this by 52. Add on any infrequent long trips you make, like holidays.

    Of course, if you only use your motorhome on holiday you only need to consider those occasional trips – just remember, a two-week European jaunt could rack up considerable mileage.

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