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    Medical problems and driving

    Some medical conditions affect your driving ability. You might need to report them to the DVLA and declare them on your car insurance.

    Speed awareness courses

    If you're caught speeding, you could be offered to attend a speed awareness course instead of being fined and getting points on your licence.

    Is it cheaper to lease or buy a car?

    There are a wide range of options when it comes to purchasing a car, so we’ve weighed up the pros and cons to help you choose the right option for you.

    Parking laws

    Parking restrictions are usually in place for safety reasons. You can be fined, clamped or towed if you park in the wrong place.

    Advanced driving courses

    Discover the benefits of IAM, Pass Plus and other advanced driving courses and if they can help to lower your car insurance premiums.

    Driving licenses

    Learn about the different types of driving licence, including provisional, UK full, European licences and the International Driving Permit.

    Teaching a learner to drive

    Understand what a new driver has to learn, and what the legal implications are, before you teach a first-timer how to drive.

    Keyless theft

    Find out how thieves are using legal gadgets to steal keyless cars and what you can do to help stop them taking yours. Plus, what have jeans got to do with it?

    Alternatives to owning a car

    Running a car is expensive, but there are other options; Car clubs, hire cars, leasing, and green alternatives.

    Buying and selling cars privately

    You’ll usually get a better deal than on the forecourt. Read our need-to-know before you buy or sell for yourself.

    How to check a car’s history

    It’s much easier to check a car’s history than it used to be, but there are common things you need to look out for.

    Driving licenses

    Find information on the types of driving licence available. Including provisional, UK full and automatic, European licences and the International Driving Permit.

    Driving safely with pets

    Driving safely with an animal in your car is a legal requirement. If you’re not careful, you could invalidate your car and/or pet insurance.

    Driving under the influence of drugs

    Find out more about driving under the influence of drugs, and the impact on your car insurance. Whether prescription or illegal.

    Electric cars and eco vehicles

    If you’re thinking about getting an eco-friendly car, find out more about the practical and financial implications.

    Motorbike tax guide

    Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) applies to motorcycles as well as cars. Find out how to pay and how much it’ll cost for your bike.

    Motoring checklist

    Learn how to set your car up for safe motoring and to prepare you and your vehicle for a motoring emergency.

    How to SORN your car

    A Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) declares your vehicle as off the road. Find out more about taxing and insuring a SORN vehicle.

    The IIADD database

    The Insurance Industry Access to Driver Data (IIADD) database gives participating insurers access to your information held by the DVLA. It can mean easier and more accurate car insurance quotes.

    Fuel-efficient cars

    Fuel is probably your biggest expense as a driver. Find out more about good fuel economy, emissions and our run-down of fuel-efficient cars.

    MOT checklist

    Essential MOT info, plus how to get your car ready and keep them affordable.

    Distractions at the wheel

    Significant numbers of UK drivers are risking safety, driving bans and affordable car insurance premiums by multi-tasking at the wheel.

    Guide to number plates

    Find out what the numbers and letters on vehicle registration plates stand for, with information on legal requirements, replacements and personalised plates.

    Fuel prices

    Fuel prices are a common concern. But don’t make the mistake of driving miles for cheaper fuel - it could be a false economy.

    Psychology and your driving

    What individual personality traits and psychological theory have to say about your ability to drive safely.

    Questions to ask before buying a car

    Read our top questions to ask yourself before buying a car.

    Smoking in cars

    Find out more about the latest laws around smoking in cars with children.

    Speed cameras

    Do speed cameras effectively reduce accidents or are they just there to make money.

    Traffic accidents involving animals

    Find out what to do do if you're ever in a traffic accident with a deer, dog or cat

    What to do if your car breaks down

    What to do when your car breaks down, and simple preparations you can make to try and prevent them.


    Find out what whiplash claims have done to car insurance premiums, and the steps being made to protect motorists from rising prices.

    Winter driving guide

    Make sure you and your vehicle are prepared for anything from a cold snap to extreme weather.

    Electric cars and congestion charges

    Congestion charges in London and other cities are an effort by the government to cut emissions. Find out what type of cars are exempt and whether drivers of electric cars might have to start paying the charge in future.

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