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The cost of fuel has risen, so compare petrol and diesel prices in your area to find a great deal

Amy Smith
Amy Smith
Updated 08 September 2023  | 2 min read

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Why compare petrol prices?

Comparing fuel prices allows you to find some of the cheapest places to fill up nearby, so you’re not paying more than you need to.

While there may only be a few pence per litre difference, that all adds up when it comes to the total amount you top up by, especially if you have a larger vehicle.

Why has the cost of fuel gone up?

The prices of petrol and diesel have increased because it costs suppliers more to buy the crude oil used to make fuel in the first place.

Another reason for the rise in fuel prices is the UK’s move to the greener E10 petrol in September 2021. E10 fuel has more ethanol in it, which is more expensive than petrol.

How can I be more fuel efficient?

Here are a few things you can do to be as fuel efficient as possible:

  1. Maintain your vehicle

    Get it serviced regularly, your tyres are the correct pressure and that everything is running well

  2. Gentle acceleration and braking

    Harsh stopping and starting uses more fuel than gradual changes in speed

  3. Plan ahead

    Keeping a consistent speed, where possible, will save you fuel. Try and anticipate the road so you can drive as smoothly as possible

  4. Minimise drag

    Don’t drive around with unnecessary bulk – like roof racks and items in the boot – when they’re not needed

  5. Dress for the weather

    Sounds odd, but using the AC uses more fuel, so dress suitably for the weather and only use it if you have to

  6. Combine your trips

    It’s more fuel efficient to make a few stops while the engine is still warm, rather than spreading trips out over several days. Try to run all your errands in one journey

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