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New car deals

Find deals on brand new cars with the help of carwow[1]

  • Get the dealer's price up front, with no need to haggle
  • Compare offers by price, location, dealer rating and delivery time
  • Buy direct from the dealer at a price you can be confident in


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Let car dealers make you an offer on a new car

Ah - that new car smell! Nothing compares to the excitement of choosing and driving away a spanking-new motor.

But all that traipsing round car dealerships and wondering whether you've really found the best car deals can be exhausting - that's why carwow is taking the pain out of buying a car.

The truth about new car prices

Be confident in carwow prices

  • All carwow dealers are committed to offering their best price up front
  • carwow's dealer partners sell more than they could in the showroom, without the overheads
  • That means they can pass savings on to you - an average of £3,600 off the RRP on 30 October, 2017[2]

If you think there's no such thing as great deals on new cars, you're missing a trick. Not all car dealers will stick to the RRP, so you could pay a different price at dealerships just down the road from each other.

With carwow you just need to select the car model you want, right down to engine choice and trim level, and then put your feet up.

Let your next new car come to you

That's it - now you just have to wait for the dealers to email you their offers on the price of your new car.

Just pick your best offer and get in touch - you'll be on the road in no time.

New cars with all the trimmings

A new car's a massive purchase and nobody wants to buy blind or make the wrong choice.

That's why carwow has reviews of all sorts of car makes and models for you to peruse.

You can even narrow down your choices by price, so you can see what's available in your budget - whether that's less than £8,000, or more than £80,000.

Out with the old...

You might still be able to part exchange your old car when you find a deal with carwow.

About carwow dealers

  • All manufacturer authorised
  • With showrooms you can visit
  • Rated by previous carwow buyers

When you've found your perfect next car, just contact the dealer and ask if they'll consider trading in your old vehicle in return for money off the new one.

Just make sure you do your homework about your car's value so you get the best deal possible when you hand it over for an exchange.