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What does Gocompare.com's number one reviews rating mean?

Gocompare.com has been ranked the number one comparison site by Review Centre, based on reviews it has received from our customers.

Here at Gocompare.com Towers, we always love to hear about the money that our customers have saved on their outgoings. But we know it's not just about the savings - we believe it's important to get feedback on our website to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience when using our service.

That's why we're happy to see your thoughts on Review Centre, an independent company who publish Gocompare.com reviews from our customers.

About Review Centre      Review Centre logo

Gocompare.com is entirely independent of Review Centre, which is one of the UK's largest review sites. It's a community of people sharing their user experiences and is designed to help its members research a product or service before making a purchase.

On their site, you can compare a range of items and make a decision based on the reviews and experiences of other consumers. You can see if those customers have faced any problems, then make up your own mind as to whether or not you want to proceed with a purchase.

Why Review Centre?

The key difference between Review Centre and many similar sites is that there's no financial incentive to the writers of the reviews - this means that the only motivation for a contributor should be to help other consumers.

Review Centre doesn't sell any products so it's designed as an unbiased site where members can share their honest opinions.

We'd love you to continue to post your Gocompare reviews on Review Centre - it helps us to improve the service and, of course, we love to read the praise! If you do have a complaint, though, we hope you contact our customer service desk as your first port of call - we'll do our level best to sort out your problem as quickly as we can.