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Why insure your pet?

Pet insurance gives you quick access to care when your pet is poorly. Your policy might provide cover for illness, injury as the result of an accident and more. It might save you having to shell out on eye-watering medical bills for your beloved pet.

Get started, with just a few details

  1. Your info

    Your name, address, that kind of thing

  2. Your pet's info

    Such as their breed, age and gender

  3. Where your pet lives

    Their permanent address, even if they go walkies now and again

  4. Their medical history

    Do they have any pre-existing conditions we should know about?

  5. Your pet's purchase price

    How much you paid to buy or adopt your pet

Pet insurers paid out a massive £757 million in 2017
According to the ABI in May 2018[†]

Will it cost more to insure an older animal?

It may be more expensive to insure older pets as they’re more prone to health issues.

However, you can still find a policy to cover them – if a standard policy won’t do, talk to a specialist insurer who should be able to help.

Does pet insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

It can be tricky to find a pet insurance policy that covers pre-existing conditions as standard.

Speak to your insurer to work out what they’ll cover you for. It may be worth finding a specialist who can help.

How do I make my pet insurance cheaper?

We’ve got 10 tips to get those premiums down:

  1. Think carefully

    The cheapest option may not work out the best in the long run

  2. Get your pet microchipped

    Chipping your cat or dog could reduce your bill

  3. Keep vaccinations up to date

    Some insurers may give you a better offer

  4. Push up the voluntary excess

    ... but make sure you have enough money to pay up, if you need to

  5. Look after their health

    Make sure they get plenty of exercise and have a healthy lifestyle

  6. Multi-pet cover

    Put your pets on one policy to see if you can get a better deal

  7. Avoid pedigree breeds

    If you haven't got your pet yet, a crossbreed may be cheaper to insure

  8. Contact the PDSA

    The charity may be able to help cover the cost of vet fees

  9. Think about co-insurance

    Co-insurance could be a possibility if you have an older pet

  10. Compare pet insurance

    Always shop around to find a great deal

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180 pet insurance reviews, February 2019 on[†]

Types of pet insurance

Pet insurance comes in lots of different shapes and sizes – you just need to choose the right one for your little pal.


Accident-only pet insurance will only cover treatment if your pet is involved in an accident.

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If you pick a time-limited policy, there will be a capped amount on the treatment you can claim in a 12-month period. If you renew the policy after one year, you won’t be able to claim again for that condition.

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Maximum benefit

Maximum benefit insurance gives you an annual sum to claim on throughout the year, either per policy, per condition, or both.

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Lifetime pet insurance pays for ailment or illness with no time limit on each condition

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Frequently asked questions

  • What's co-insurance?

    Policies may include a co-insurance element - if you make a claim, you'll be charged a percentage of the remaining vet fees after the excess has been deducted.

  • Does my pet's age matter?

    Premiums are likely to be higher for older animals, but generally there should be cover available for all ages. Cover for kittens and puppies tends to start at the age of six-to-eight weeks.

  • How do vaccinations affect insurance?

    While insurance doesn't cover the cost of pet vaccinations, ensuring vaccinations are up to date has the potential to lead to a cut in premiums.

    If vaccinations are not kept up to date and you need to make a related claim, you may find that your insurance has been invalidated.

  • Why are pedigree animals more expensive to insure?

    As they have a higher value and are more likely to be stolen, pedigree animals generally will be more expensive to insure. Due to their breeding, they also tend to be more vulnerable to genetic complaints.

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