Accident only pet insurance

Compare quotes for policies covering treatment costs if your pet’s injured in an accident[1]

What's accident-only pet insurance?

Accident-only cover offers a fixed sum per injury if your dog or cat has an accident. Some policies cover emergency treatment of illnesses due to injury too, but it's pretty rare so check the cover details to make sure. 

There’s usually a financial cap and/or time limit on the cover as well. To be continuously covered, you need to renew your pet insurance  policy at the end of the policy period and keep your payments up to date. It's the most basic type of pet insurance, with the least cover, so often works out the cheapest.


  • You’ll be able to claim up to the amount stated on your policy, so you know exactly how much cover your pet has for each injury
  • Accident-only policies are usually cheaper than other cover types. It’s most suitable for young and healthy pets


  • Your pet will only be covered if they become injured, up to a certain amount. So, if they get ill and need vet treatment, or if the set amount is exceeded, you’d have to pay the bill yourself
  • Policy terms only tend to be for 12 months, so ongoing treatment that lasts longer than this might not be covered
  • Like with most pet insurance policies, pre-existing conditions aren’t covered either

Other types of pet insurance

Time limited 

These policies allow you to claim up to a specified amount per illness or injury, within a set time period – usually 12 months. 

Once you reach the fixed sum or the time limit, your pet won’t be covered for that condition anymore.

Maximum benefit 

Each illness or injury has a maximum fixed amount of cover, but there’s no time limit. 

This allows you to claim for the same condition more than once, until you reach the financial cap. Then you’ll have to pay for any further treatment yourself. 


Illnesses and injuries will be covered for your pet’s lifetime, providing you renew your policy every year. 

The terms of lifetime pet insurance vary between insurers, so check before you buy. 

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