Pet insurance guides

Find all the information you need to help you make an informed choice when it comes to your pet insurance. Start comparing pet insurance today.

Pet insurance for pre-existing medical conditions

Get lifetime pet insurance, for cats and dogs with pre-existing conditions.

Lifetime pet insurance

Compare lifetime pet insurance quotes and find the right cover for your pet.

Adopt, don’t shop: Why aren’t more animal lovers choosing to rescue pets?

In the lead up to National Rescue Dog Day, we lift the lid on the UK’s animal adoption concerns, revealing the problems with bad breeding practices, and discussing why we believe prospective pet owners should adopt, not shop.

Time-limited pet insurance

Time-limited pet insurance policies allow an owner to claim for eligible conditions, up to a specified amount, in a 12-month period.

Accident-only pet insurance cover

Accident-only pet insurance covers treatment costs if your pet’s injured in an accident, but it doesn’t cover illnesses.

Maximum benefit pet insurance

Maximum benefit pet insurance covers your pet for each injury or illness up to a specified pre-set limit. Compare maximum benefit pet insurance quotes.

The benefits of pet insurance

Your pet's likely to need to see a vet from time to time, no matter how well you care for them. Pet insurance can help with unexpected costs for injury or illness.

How to claim on your pet insurance

Find out how to claim on your pet insurance, and what you can do if your claim is rejected.

Dog insurance

Compare dog insurance quotes and get your dog the cover it needs.

Puppy insurance

Compare cheap puppy insurance quotes and get your young dog the cover it needs.

Puppy vaccinations

Vaccinations protect your puppy against diseases and help it to grow up strong and healthy. Read on to find out everything you need to know about vaccinating your pup.

How dog breeds affect insurance prices

When it comes to pet insurance, some breeds will cost more than others. In this guide we examine the prices you can expect to pay for popular pedigree breeds, as well as mongrels and crossbreeds of all shapes and sizes.

Cat insurance

Compare cheap cat insurance quotes and get your feline the cover it needs.

Kitten insurance

Compare cheap kitten insurance quotes and get your young cat the cover it needs.

Multi-pet insurance

Find out more about insurance options if your have more than one pet, including what multi-pet policies cover and the potential discount you can expect.

Insuring an older pet

When is an animal classed as old and how do you go about finding insurance for an older pet? Get the answers you need.

Third party liability dog insurance

Compare pet insurance policies and find the right third party liability cover for your dog.

Pet vaccinations

Find out more about common vaccines for dogs, cats and rabbits, and what it means for your insurance.

Rabbit insurance

Rabbit insurance can be valuable cover to have in place to protect your beloved bunny in a time of need.

Small mammal insurance

Many who don’t want the responsibility of a cat or dog will often decide to have a small mammal. Unfortunately, vet fees for injured or unwell animals, no matter how small they are, can still be expensive.

Coronavirus hits pet industry as dog prices boom during lockdown

Lockdown has given us more time to spend with our pets. However, coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected prices across many industries, particularly on the cost of dogs and dog insurance.

Research reveals pet insurance costs vary significantly depending on region

Does where you choose to live in the UK affect the amount of money it costs to insure your beloved dog or cat? Our research suggests that it does.

Rescue dog insurance

If you’re thinking about adopting a rescue dog or have already welcomed one to your home, it’s important to make sure that you have the right cover from your pet insurance policy.

Exotic pet insurance

Standard insurers won't generally cover exotic pets such as snakes, tortoises, reptiles and some birds. Find out more about specialist exotic pet insurance cover.

Horsebox insurance

Insurance for a motorised horsebox is a legal requirement if you plan to drive it on UK roads, just like with all road vehicles. Find out more.

Horse insurance

You need to consider whether the policy covers the costs if your horse was injured, taken ill, lost or stolen. Find out more.

Guide to dangerous dog breeds

There are some types of dog, including those listed in the Dangerous Dogs Act, that insurers may be reluctant to cover. Read our full guide to learn more.

Travelling with your pet

Some animals require a pet passport, or equivalent, to travel abroad. Find out more about the documents you’ll need to legally take your pet abroad.

Dental cover for pets

Follow our guide on how to protect your pet’s teeth and keep treatment costs down.

Pet safety on bonfire night

Bonfire night and dogs don’t always mix well. Fireworks and sparklers can cause distress for pets. Here’s how to make bonfire night less stressful for your pet.

Great small pets for children

Choosing the right small pet for children is a big decision. Every animal is different – some need lots of attention, some are easy for small hands to handle, and some are more inclined to bite.

Llama and alpaca insurance

There’s more to llamas and alpacas than spitting. These sociable creatures make great pets – as long as you have the time and space, and are prepared to shop around to find the right insurance.

Co-insurance for pets

Having co-insurance for your pet means you pay a percentage of the remaining vet fees after the excess has been deducted if you claim. It’s worth considering if you want an affordable policy for older animals.

Alternative therapies for pets

Pet insurance can cover alternative therapies and treatments. Could aromatherapy, physiotherapy, massage therapy or hydrotherapy help your pet?

Pet safety in hot weather

While most of us know what we can do to protect ourselves from harmful UV rays and sun exposure, what about our pets?

Weird UK wildlife

Thousands of species of animals can be found in the UK, most of which we see day-to-day; but you might be surprised to learn about some of the exotic creatures that have made their home here...

Pet safety at Christmas

What precautions should you take to make sure your pets are safe at Christmas?

UK most popular pets report

Our data reveals the most popular pets of the Covid pandemic, with over half a million insurance quotes being taken out since lockdown began.

Dog-friendly staycations

What’s a holiday without your four-legged best friend? We round up the best cities in the UK for dog-friendly staycations.

Claws and effect: The price of Britain’s pet insurance policies

We uncover the varying cost of pet insurance across the UK and explore some of the reasons why, including how different breeds and where you live could affect the price.

Guide and assistance dog insurance

Find out how to protect your guide dog, assistance dog or working dog with the right pet insurance.

How much is an emergency vet appointment?

Getting your furry friend fighting fit again is your main priority of course, but the thought of being slapped with a huge vet’s bill afterwards can make it even more stressful. Read more.

The cost of neutering a cat in the UK

Find out everything you need to know about neutering your furry friend.

What to do when a dog dies

Losing your dog is never easy but being prepared can help you to cope and get through the process.