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Pet insurance library

Our Pet insurance library is stuffed with facts and information to help you make an informed choice when you compare policies and providers.

Accidental damage

Accidental damage can offer valuable cover if your animal causes damage in another person's home or to their property.

Accidental damage »

Accident-only pet insurance

Get all the information you need on accident- and illness-only pet insurance policies, the most basic form of cover you can arrange for your animal.

Accidental-only pet insurance »

Advertising and reward cover

If your pet goes missing, many policies offer advertising and reward cover, which could help reunite you with your beloved animal.

Advertising and reward cover »

Alternative therapies

Did you know your animal may already be covered for alternative therapies and treatments such as physiotherapy and hydrotherapy?

Alternative therapies »

Cat insurance

Find out all about insuring your cat, and try our dedicated page on kitten insurance. We've also got guides on how to buy a feline and how to be a good cat owner.

Cat insurance »

Dental cover

Mouth problems are more common in animals than you might realise...

Dental cover »

Depression in pets

Find out more about whether depression can be a problem for pets, the symptoms to look out for and what you can do to combat the condition...

Depression in pets »

Dog insurance

Find out all about insuring your dog, and try dedicated pages for puppy insurance, third party liability cover and dangerous dog insurance. We've also got guides on how to buy a pooch and how to be a good dog owner.

Dog insurance »

Ferret insurance

The playful ferret is a popular pet so find out how to arrange ferret insurance to cover vet bills for illness and injury.

Ferret insurance »

Guinea pig insurance

Find out what you need to know about buying and insuring a guinea pig with the help of our guide.

Guinea pig insurance »

Hamster insurance

Hamsters can make a great pet for individuals or the whole family. Make sure yours is protected with the right policy.

Hamster insurance »

Horse insurance

Find out more about horse insurance including what it typically covers, the different types of policy available and additional extras like equipment cover.

Horse insurance »

Insurance for overweight pets

Find out more about overweight and obese pets, including how to avoid your pet piling on the pounds and keep them at a healthy weight.

Insurance for overweight pets »

Insuring an older pet

When is an animal classed as old and how do you go about finding insurance for an older pet? Get the answers you need.

Insuring an older pet »

Lifetime pet insurance

Read our guide to lifetime or 'covered for life' pet policies.

Lifetime pet insurance »

Llama and alpaca insurance

A llama or alpaca can make a great addition to the family. Find out more about the type of insurance you'll need for your exotic pet.

Llama and alpaca insurance »

Lunar month policies

Read our guide to lunar month policies for pets to find out what they're all about.

Lunar month policies »

Maximum benefit pet insurance

Get all the information you need on maximum benefit policies and see whether they offer the right deal for you and your pet.

Maximum benefit pet insurance »

Microchipping pets

Find out why microchipping can be a good idea for dogs, cats and many other pets, with details of the benefits, costs, practicalities and more.

Microchipping pets »

Moving house with cats, dogs and other pets

Find out how to settle pets into a new home and have a smooth move with all your animals.

Moving house with cats, dogs and other pets »

Multi-pet insurance

Find out more about insurance options if your have more than one pet, including what multi-pet policies cover and the discount you can expect.

Multi-pet insurance »

Parrot insurance

Get the lowdown on what you need to know about buying and insuring the pet that loves to answer back - the parrot!

Parrot insurance »

Pet co-insurance

Co-insurance could be an area worth considering, particularly for slightly older animals.

Pet co-insurance »

Pet insurance money-saving tips

Find out how you could save a bit of money on pet insurance without compromising cover levels on your furry or feathered friend.

Pet insurance money-saving tips » 

Pet insurance for pre-existing medical conditions

Find out more about the insurance options available for animals with pre-existing medical conditions and the restrictions to look out for.

Pet insurance for pre-existing medical conditions »

Pet insurance when travelling

The right pet insurance can offer protection when travelling with your animal and/or holiday cover to insure the cost of the vacation itself. You may also like to try our article on driving with a pet in the car.

Pet insurance when travelling »

Pet vaccinations and insurance cover

Pet vaccinations are essential for the health of your animal and may be needed if you don't want to invalidate your pet policy.

Pet vaccinations and insurance cover »

Rabbit insurance

Read the lowdown on rabbit insurance and find out why you need to insure your bunny.

Rabbit insurance »

Reptile insurance

Veterinary treatment for reptiles can be specialist and costly, but you can look after the lizard in your life with an exotic pet insurance policy.

Reptile insurance »

Small mammal insurance

Find out why small mammal insurance could be a worthwhile investment.

Small mammal insurance »

Snake insurance

Find out all you need to know about buying and insuring a snake - one of nature's most misunderstood pets.

Snake insurance »

Time-limited pet insurance

Get all the information you need on time-limited policies, typically seen as a basic-level cover option.

Time-limited pet insurance »

Tortoise insurance

Find out all you need to know about buying and insuring a tortoise.

Tortoise insurance »

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Grooming guide

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Horsebox insurance

Read about horsebox insurance and learn more about covering a horse trailer or horsebox with the right policy.

Horsebox insurance »

Insurance Premium Tax

What is Insurance Premium Tax? Find out more about IPT and how it affects the price you pay for pet insurance.

Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) »

Pet insurance infographics

Get informed and entertained with Gocompare.com's collection of pet infographics and interactives.

Pet insurance infographics »

Pet safety in hot weather

Do you know the steps you should be taking to ensure your pet is happy and healthy in spells of high heat?

Pet safety in hot weather »

Pet safety on bonfire night

There's more to keeping your pet safe on bonfire night than leaving him or her at home... Read our guide to find out more.

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Pet safety in winter and at Christmas

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Pet safety in winter »

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