Research reveals pet insurance costs vary significantly depending on region

Our research shows that how much you'll pay to insure your dog or cat varies depending on where you live in the UK.

Updated 25 August 2020  | 4 mins read

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A huge 41% of households have a pet, according to the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association 2020 Pet Population Report. While insuring just one pet might seem affordable, the cost of covering multiple pets can set pet owners back £1,000s each year. Especially if you live in an area where insurance costs are higher than average.

The pet insurance postcode lottery

The cost of pet insurance can depend on the area you live in. According to our data, pet insurance is most expensive in Greater London, with an average premium of £480 per pet. 

The cheapest place to insure your pets is in Northern Ireland, with an average premium of £289. Compared to the rest of the UK, this saves Irish pet owners an average of £191 per year. 

pet insurance costs vary significantly depending on region

In England, Southern regions tend to have insurance premiums that are significantly more expensive than in the North. For example, the North East has an average premium of £306, but the average premium in the South East is almost 33% higher.

Region Average Cost
Greater London £480
South East £398
South West £347
East Anglia £341
West Midlands £330
Yorkshire and the Humber £330
North West £328
East Midlands £326
Scotland £309
North East £306
Wales £294
Northern Ireland £289

Cost to insure most popular dog breeds in London

Based on our data, the top four most popular dog breeds are currently the Cocker Spaniel, French Bulldog, German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever. The following graph shows the average cost of pet insurance for each of these breeds in Greater London. 

Breed Average cost
Cocker Spaniel £418
French bulldog £1,028
German shepherd (Alsatian) £503
Labrador retriever £479

Pedigrees aren't the only expensive dogs to insure in London - even insuring cross breeds can be pricey. On average, pet insurance for London dog owners will cost £643 for a large crossbreed, £468 for a medium, and £298 for a small one.

In comparison, in the West Midlands the average insurance cost for crossbreeds is £416 for a large, £248 for a medium and £212 for a small crossbreed. 

Cats are often cheaper than dogs across the country. However, they are more expensive to insure in London, costing £234 on average. In the West Midlands, insuring a cat costs just £152. 

What else increases pet insurance costs?

Veterinary fees

Vet bills are expensive – for example, a simple fracture could cost £1,000s to repair. Veterinary treatments and the cost of living are higher in London and the South of England, which is probably the main reason why insurance prices in these regions are more expensive.


Some pedigree cats and dogs are prone to hereditary conditions that can increase the cost of pet insurance. 

For example, the French bulldog, pug, British bulldog, and shih-tzu are brachycephalic (flat-faced) breeds. As a result, these dogs can have trouble breathing and might suffer from a range of related health issues, which makes them more expensive to insure.


Pet insurance costs will often rise each year just because your pet is ageing. As animals age they’re more likely to suffer with an age related illness. Pet insurance companies take this into account and usually increase insurance prices for older pets.

How to cut the cost of pet insurance

You could cut the cost of pet insurance by:

  1. Making use of multi-pet discounts

  2. Checking you have the right level of cover for your pet

  3. Keeping your pet’s weight, fur and teeth healthy

  4. Spaying or neutering your pet

  5. Getting your pet microchipped

  6. Choosing a higher excess, if it’s affordable for you

  7. Comparing pet insurance quotes

Before purchasing multiple pets consider the cost of insurance in your area

Many pet owners buy a new cat or dog without taking into consideration the cost of caring for one. It can be particularly expensive for owners with multiple pets, especially those living in regions such as London or the Southern UK where pet insurance costs more. 

Many owners will try to cut costs by opting for the cheapest pet insurance possible. But this type of insurance might cost owners more in the long run, especially if your pet has pre-existing conditions. This is because a cheaper policy might not cover all your pet’s needs, which means you’d have to pay up the rest. 

Make sure to compare pet insurance prices in your area before committing to a new animal companion.

*The average cost of all levels of pet insurance for dogs and cats bought through Stickee Technology between May 2019 to July 2020, broken down by region of the UK. 

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