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Multi-pet insurance covers several of your pets in a single policy. You’ll usually get a discount by adding multiple pets to one policy, but it doesn’t always work out cheaper than having individual ones for each pet.

How does multi-pet insurance work?

It’s the same as standard pet insurance. You choose the cover options, like accident only or accident and illness, for your pet’s lifetime or a specified duration and the insurer gives you a quote. 

The only real difference is that you’ll have the same cover level for all pets on the policy. You can change the cover level at renewal, but it’ll change for all animals that are covered, which might not be suitable if you want different cover for each pet. 

Some insurers use ‘multi-pet’ to describe linking two policies together - you can easily ‘add’ more pets to your cover without having to cancel one policy and open another. You can also have different cover levels for each pet when they’re linked. 

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Common types of multi-pet insurance

Lifetime multi-pet insurance

  • Gives you a maximum claim limit, per condition, per year, per pet. For example, in one very unlucky year you could claim £5,000 for hip dysplasia, £5,000 for diabetes and £5,000 for cancer treatment for each pet on the policy 
  • If you renew the policy every 12 months, the cover resets for annual-limit policies
  • Buy the policy when your pets are young, or have a clean bill of health, and the insurer should cover their treatment throughout their lives
  • If your pet has any pre-existing conditions, you won’t be able to get cover for them

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Time-limited multi-pet insurance

  • A policy that lasts for a set time, usually 12 months
  • You can renew the policy to continue the cover
  • It'll cover injury or illness claims within 12 months. If the injury or illness is still a problem after the time limit, you won’t be able to claim for treatment. Even if you renew your cover
  • If your pet has any pre-existing conditions, you won’t be able to get cover for them

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Key points

  • With multi-pet insurance, you’ll usually get a discount when you add more than one pet to your policy
  • Multi-pet insurance allows you to get cover for up to six pets
  • Sometimes insurers say ‘multi-pet’ when individual policies are linked together instead
  • It could still be cheaper to have individual policies so shop around before you decide

Is multi-pet insurance cheaper than separate policies?

Sometimes. Most insurers offer discounts, generally between 5-10%, while others take a set amount of money off the cost for each additional pet you insure. The price of your multi-pet insurance will also vary depending on the level of cover you choose. 

Multi-pet excess and contributions

You will have to pay an excess whenever you make a claim. It’s a set cost that you pay the insurer that goes towards the cost of the vet bill, medication or treatment. As your pet gets older, expect your excess to increase. 

You might have to pay a contribution as well as your excess – you’ll sometimes see this called a ‘co-payment’. Speak to your insurer if it’s not clearly described in your paperwork, but it’s usually a percentage of the final fee, minus the excess. 

If the policy asks for both an excess and a contribution, the insurer won’t pay for the claim if you can’t pay the fees, so keep these expenses in mind as you compare policy prices. 

Will multi-pet cover pre-existing conditions?

Pre-existing medical conditions aren't covered, so multi-pet won’t be cheaper if one pet has a condition that flares up multiple times a year.

You might be able to get a specialist pre-existing policy linked to another policy and get a discount, but you’ll probably need to discuss it with the insurer. 

You can buy specialist cover for a pet that has specific medical needs. We’ve partnered with VetsMediCover so you can find quotes that include the treatment of pre-existing conditions. 

Older pets that have a clean bill of health might be able to go on a multi-pet policy. But because they’re more likely to get ill as they age, expect the premiums to be higher. 

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What do multi-pet policies cover?

  • Missing or lost pets – the cost of having posters made, advertising and services to help track them down
  • Third party liability – if your pet, usually a dog, causes accidental damage or injury to other people and their property
  • Holiday cancellation cover – if your pet becomes ill and you’re unable to travel
  • Vets bills – for sudden and unexpected illnesses and injuries


  • Age limits – usually pets under eight weeks or over the age of nine or 12 years
  • Number of pets – check how many animals you can cover under one policy
  • Temperament – pets that have shown aggression or received legal complaints 
  • Commercial property – dogs that live on commercial premises
  • Sale of alcohol – dogs that live where alcohol is sold
  • Pre-existing conditions – medical conditions that your pet already has won’t be covered
  • Certain breeds – dogs banned by the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991, like pit bulls

How many pets can you insure with multi-pet cover?

This depends on each insurer, but there are policies that cover up to six animals. 

Which pets can you insure with multi-pet insurance?

It’s most common for cats and dogs, but there are policies out there that cover other animals.

You can usually insure different species under the same policy – just compare a range of options to see what works out best for you and your wallet. 

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