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Pet grooming guide

Grooming is one way of showing your pet love and attention and of caring for your furry friend.

Pet insurance is just one aspect of caring for your pet - another is grooming and cleaning them regularly.

Showing your pet love and attention is essential, and grooming is one of the ways to make sure your pet is happy and healthy - just don't go too far!Dog

Dog grooming

Some dogs can find the grooming process relaxing while others can't wait to get out of your grasp.

This usually depends on the breed and temperament of your dog, and its age.

Try to get dogs used to grooming from a young age to make sure they aren't scared when you approach them with a brush.

The tools you'll need for grooming your dog depend on its hair type.

A bristle brush is good for dogs with long or short hair while a pin brush is popular with owners of long-haired breeds.

Consult your vet or local pet shop to learn about the best grooming tools for your dog.

If your dog's claws need to be clipped or its hair has become unruly, consider taking them to a professional groomer

Grooming your dog is a good opportunity to check for parasites like fleas and ticks and to ensure your dog is healthy and not suffering from any skin complaints or discomfort.

If your dog's claws need to be clipped or its hair has become unruly, consider taking them to a professional groomer.

Many dogs with long hair will also need their coats cut short in the summer months in order to be comfortable.

Brushing your dog's coat regularly will stop it from becoming knotted or matted, but if this does happen it can lead to discomfort and can be unhygienic.

Don't attempt to cut the knots out yourself - instead consult a vet about shaving your dog and consider buying them a fetching coat until their hair grows back.Cat

Cat grooming

Cats are self-sufficient when it comes to cleanliness, cleaning themselves every day.

Some cats even develop compulsive behaviour and clean themselves constantly.

Grooming your cat may seem unnecessary if they have short hair, but some felines with medium length to longer hair may only look well groomed while hiding an unruly layer of fur.

Other pets

Whether you have a rabbit, a guinea pig or a more unusual pet it's important to ensure they are healthy and that their fur is clean.

Regular grooming with a soft brush or your fingers is sufficient, and a good way to make sure your furry friend is happy and comfortable.

A hygienic hutch is a healthy hutch, so make sure to clean out rabbit or guinea pig hutches every two to three days.

Pets and children

If you have small children who are in regular contact with your pet, grooming is essential to ensure good hygiene and a clean living environment for everyone.

By Emily Bater