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Half of UK motorists would welcome the ABI's proposal for a zero drink driving alcohol limit for young drivers

05 March 2013

Brits also support other measures suggested by the ABI to curb young driver accidents and eventually bring down their car insurance premiums

The ABI has today recommended that the Government consider introducing a zero tolerance for blood alcohol levels in any driver who has recently passed their driving test. Recent research commissioned by Gocompare.com found that half (50%) of UK motorists would support such a move.

The study has shown that UK drivers would like the Government to consider a range of measures aimed at curbing the number of accidents involving young, inexperienced drivers and today the ABI has recommended several new measures for consideration by the Government. The ABI also suggest that if safety standards were improved it could lead to a 20% reduction in the cost of car insurance for young drivers.

The ABI are calling for:

  • A one year minimum learning period for young drivers
  • Limiting the number of young passengers and restrictions on night time driving for young drivers for an initial period after passing their driving test
  • Zero blood alcohol driving limit for an initial period after a young person passes their driving test.

The most popular possible measures in a recent survey amongst UK drivers were:

  • 50% of British drivers would like the Government to consider a zero drink and drive alcohol limit for young drivers
  • 28% would like the Government to consider banning young drivers from carrying passengers in their cars until reaching a certain level of driving experience
  • 28% would like the Government to consider introducing curfews to prevent young drivers from driving at certain high risk times such as late at night
  • 49% would like car engine size restrictions until drivers reach a certain level of experience
  • 40% would like mandatory telematics behaviour-based car insurance policies for young drivers
  • 34% would consider giving the police powers to issue instant short-term bans to young drivers they feel are driving recklessly

Scott Kelly, head of motor services at Gocompare.com, said: "Young drivers tend to pay substantially more for their car insurance than more experienced drivers, and that's because, statistically, they are more likely to have accidents and incur higher claims costs. If accident rates improve significantly then the cost of premiums for young drivers should come down.

"The ABI has today suggested that the Government consider several measures to tackle the high number of accidents involving young drivers. Our recent research suggests that there would be considerable public support for several of the ABI's proposals. Many drivers feel that tighter controls on young motorists such as a zero tolerance to alcohol when driving and night time curfews would encourage responsible driving from the outset and could help to make the UK's roads safer for everyone."


Notes to editors:

Research commissioned by Gocompare.com carried out among 2,000 UK drivers on 14th January 2013 by OnePoll.