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Clash of the titles: How your occupation could affect car insurance premiums

18 June 2013

Research from Gocompare.com reveals there's more to a name than you might think.*

New research by Gocompare.com has found that some Brits could save hundreds of pounds on their car insurance, by paying close attention to the job title they choose.

Your occupation is one of the things insurers consider when working out the cost of your car insurance, but Gocompare.com has found that it's not just what you do that can affect how much you pay, but also the job title you use to describe it.

When an insurer asks for your occupation, you will usually have to select one of the pre-defined titles they have on their system. But for some people, there may be more than one job title that accurately describes what they do.

For instance, a bricklayer may naturally consider themselves to be a builder or a construction worker with seemingly little difference between the titles. However, the research found, the average premium for a construction worker was around £89 more than that of a bricklayer.

The results below show price differences across similar job titles throughout range of professions, including; cookery, journalism, education and office work. In each case all of the drivers details were the same, only their job title was changed

Building & construction


Construction worker



Average car insurance price




Cheapest quote returned







Editorial staff




Average car insurance price





Cheapest quote returned










College lecturer

Music teacher

Average car insurance price





Cheapest quote returned






Food & catering


Kitchen worker

Kitchen staff

Catering staff



Average car insurance price






Cheapest quote returned







Office workers



Office administrator

Clerical assistant

Clerical officer

Office manager

Average car insurance price






Cheapest quote returned










Exotic dancer

Average car insurance price



Cheapest quote returned








Full time parent

Average car insurance price




Cheapest quote returned





Scott Kelly, head of motor at Gocompare.com said:


"When meeting new people or talking to friends we're sometimes guilty of making what we do for a living sound more impressive than it actually is. But when it comes to your car insurance, the way you describe your job can make a big difference to the price you pay for your cover. That's why when looking for insurance it's worth considering what your job role is and which of the titles available best describe what you do.

"For some occupations there may be several job titles available that accurately describe your job. For instance, if you work in an office there may be a range of titles that describe your job, like ‘office administrator' or ‘clerical assistant', but our findings showed a difference in car insurance costs of around £50 between the two titles.

"It's also worth noting that if you're retired or a full time parent or homemaker, you should select those options and not just say that you're unemployed or out of work. Typically unemployed drivers face higher insurance costs than homemakers or retirees, so be sure to check that you're not paying more than you should be.

"But remember, that while trying different job titles could save you significantly, it's important to be as honest and as accurate as possible when it comes to your insurance. Being dishonest with your job title, like saying you're a teacher when you're actually a Premiership footballer, could result in any claims you make being rejected or even your insurance being cancelled, which will prove far more costly than what you'll save by playing fast and loose with your job description."

For more information on how your occupation can affect your car insurance costs, read Gocompare.com's guide page, available at: http://www.gocompare.com/car-insurance/how-your-job-affects-your-car-insurance/


Notes to editors:

*Gocompare.com ran a series of quotes in which the only change was the occupation of the driver. We chose occupations that could, conceivably, be interchangeable depending on what the person actually does as part of their job. In each case the driver was a 26 year old, living in Bath and driving a 2007 Volkswagen Golf Sport TDI, 2 litre diesel. For each occupation, the average car insurance cost was based on the top ten cheapest quotes that were returned. Quotes conducted 23rd May 2013.