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Gocompare.com enhances insurance comparisons with Defaqto

21 October 2013

Gocompare.com to compare up to 30 additional features on car, home and pet insurance

Gocompare.com has teamed up with financial research company Defaqto, in an exclusive partnership, to allow its customers to easily compare up to 30 additional policy features when searching for their car, home or pet insurance cover - and review the Defaqto star rating for each policy.

Since Gocompare.com launched in 2006, it has been committed to comparing policy features rather than just price, and was the first comparison site to clearly display the levels of cover provided by insurance policies. Now customers who search for a car, home or pet policy via the comparison site will also have access to additional independent policy information provided by Defaqto, enabling them to analyse their quote results in even more detail.

Defaqto screen grab image example


The additional policy details are available via the Gocompare.com results screen once an initial quote has been completed. From here, customers can compare a wide range of policy information, presented in an easily digestible format. Customers can view cover details, such as whether a home insurance policy provides subsidence cover, and whether a car insurance policy offers child car seat cover or audio cover, for example.

In addition, customers can find out more detail about a company's claims service and clearly see any charges or excesses that are made by an insurer if they need to make a claim, or cancel or make an adjustment to their policy.

Mark Greening, head of home services, from Gocompare.com, commented: "This partnership with Defaqto is part of our ongoing commitment to making our insurance comparison services as clear and transparent as possible for our customers. Although comparison sites have helped to make the process of searching for insurance cover as simple as possible, it can still be difficult to work out exactly what cover you've got. Everyone's circumstances are different and what's important to one person won't necessarily matter to someone else, but now customers will be able to see the key features of each policy far more easily before they buy.

"Whichever way you purchase your insurance there's a good chance that you won't fully understand the levels of cover available unless you read the policy booklet in full, and we'd always recommend customers do that. However, by increasing the level of detail that our customers can see before committing to a purchase, and making it easily accessible, we hope that it will lead to more informed decisions and help people buy the right level of cover for their requirements."

Mike Powell, Insight Analyst for General Insurance at Defaqto, commented: "Defaqto's aim is to help people make better financial decisions. It is critical for people to match the features and benefits of an insurance policy with the cover they need - and not focus on price alone - to avoid any surprises if and when they need to make a claim. By using our unbiased, comprehensive feature information and independent star ratings, as well as the price information already available through Gocompare.com, consumers have the information they need to make fully informed purchasing decisions."