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Households could face an average 13.7%* price rise as nine energy tariffs come to an end this month

27 January 2014

Scottish Power customers could see biggest average annual bill increase of £248.87**

After Friday 31 January thousands of households could be facing much higher energy bills as their existing tariffs expire – unless they switch to a better deal.

Across the country, thousands of customers of some of the UK’s biggest energy suppliers can expect to pay an average of 13.7% more for their energy, and some Scottish Power customers’ bills could leap by as much as 25.18% – or £248.87 – a year.

If customers on these tariffs haven’t already switched to a better deal, they will be moved onto their current supplier’s standard tariff and in most cases are likely to face higher bills.

For example, a Scottish Power customer on the Platinum Fixed Energy January 2014 (v1) tariff, living in Bristol, would currently spend £996.75 a year on their energy, which would rise to £1,259.82 on Scottish Power’s standard tariff. They could move to Spark Energy’s Direct Debit Advance 3 (variable) at an annual cost of £1,057.20, or First Utility’s iSave Fixed v14 July 2015 (fixed), which would cost them £1,101.01, saving them over £150 a year in each case.

And even though Scottish Power customers on the Platinum Fixed Energy January 2014 (v4) tariff could potentially save £32.21 a year, on average, once they are rolled onto the energy giant’s standard tariff, it’s still important that they shop around to see if they can save even more by switching.

Impact of tariffs coming to an end this Friday, 31 January (based on a medium user – 3,200 kWh of electricity and 13,500 kWh of gas per year – paying by monthly direct debit and averaged across all UK regions):





Annual cost of standard tariff


(£ and %)


Energy Online January 2014 - Paperless






Go Fix January 2014 - Paperless





Co-operative Energy

Fixed January 2014



(Pioneer v5.1 tariff)



Scottish Power

Platinum Fixed Energy January 2014 (v1)





Scottish Power

Platinum Fixed Energy January 2014 (v2)





Scottish Power

Platinum Fixed Energy January 2014 (v3)





Scottish Power

Platinum Fixed Energy January 2014 (v4)





Sainsbury’s Energy

Online January 2014 – Paperless





Sainsbury’s Energy

Price Check January 2014





Jeremy Cryer, energy spokesperson at Gocompare.com, said: “When these tariffs come to an end on Friday, many people could end up paying a lot more for their energy than they need to be if they haven’t already switched. This is why it’s so important, as soon as you get the letter from your supplier notifying you that your tariff is due to expire, that you get online and compare the tariffs available to you based on your location and annual energy usage.

"The average price rise of 13.7% that customers on these soon-to-end tariffs could face dwarfs even the biggest price rises inflicted on households by the big six recently. People mustn’t allow their supplier to simply roll them onto a standard tariff – these are often the most expensive tariffs and far better deals can be found by taking five minutes to shop around.

“When the letter arrives from your energy provider informing you of your tariff’s end date, go to a comparison site armed with your postcode and annual energy usage figures and compare the deals available to you from the UK’s energy companies – big and small. And if you find a better deal, switch there and then.”


Notes to editors:

* Average percentage increase across all UK regions, and across all tariffs coming to an end on 31 January 2014 is 13.70%

** Average bill increase for Scottish Power customers with the Platinum Fixed Energy January 2014 (v1) and (v2) tariffs, across all regions, is £248.87