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British Gas results show energy switching message is getting through

20 February 2014

Commenting on the 2% drop in customers seen by the UK’s biggest energy provider, British Gas, Gocompare.com’s energy spokesperson Jeremy Cryer said:

“Although not good news for British Gas’ parent company Centrica, this is very encouraging for consumers – it shows that the energy switching message is getting through to householders and British Gas’s grip on the energy market is starting to slip.

“Although the loss of customers is only a small one, over 350,000 last year and a further 100,000 so far this year, hopefully this will make the energy industry wake up and realise that people are ready to shop around and get the best deal on their gas and electricity.

“British Gas increased its prices by an average of 9.2% in November – and has come under increasing pressure from the government in recent months with threats to break it up. Centrica has still made operating profits of £2.7 billion, a drop of 6%, but the British Gas household supply division’s operating profit fell by 18% in the second half of the year, as the temperature stayed mild.”

Jeremy added: “I hope that this news makes energy providers sit up and realise that hard-pressed householders are using their purchasing power to let the big six know that they won’t take their price rises lying down.”