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The slopes may be covered but are your skis and snowboards?

07 February 2014

Gocompare.com advises skiers to check that their travel insurance gives them enough cover for loss or damage to their own or hired equipment.

Gocompare.com is advising winter sports enthusiasts to check their travel insurance to ensure it gives them adequate cover for loss or damage to skis, sticks, boots and snowboards.

A review of 454 single trip travel insurance policies has found that there are big differences in the protection provided for skiing equipment in the winter sports cover with many differentiating what they will pay out for lost or damaged hired equipment as opposed to your own.*

The study found that of the 454 policies looked at, 380 provided some degree of cover for your own equipment. The cover limits range from £100 to £5,200 per insured person or £642.89 on average. With a new set of skis and bindings costing from around £350 to well over £2000** skiers should check that their cover limit would be sufficient to replace their equipment.

Fewer policies (370) provided cover for the replacement of hired equipment. The cover limits also range from £100 to £5,200 per insured person but on average the level of cover provided for hired equipment is less at £421.15.

If your hired equipment is lost, stolen or damaged, some policies will also pay out to enable you to hire more equipment. 376 policies offer this benefit with cover from £75 to £1,000 in total (£309.28 on average), or from £10 a day to £800 a day up to the total (£65.04 a day on average).

Another important and often expensive necessity for a skiing holiday is a ski lift pass and 339 of the 454 policies looked at will cover you if it’s lost or stolen. However, the amount of cover varies widely from £50 to £3,000 per insured person (£378.53 on average). With a 6 day adult ski pass in the French Les Arcs resorts costing in the region of 277 Euros***, policies offering cover at the lower end of that range may only compensate you for around one day’s use.

Caroline Lloyd, travel insurance spokesperson at Gocompare.com, said:  “Most travel insurance policies do not include winter sports cover as standard and will require that you pay an additional premium to ensure that you’re protected. This doesn’t have to be expensive though, so shop around carefully to ensure that you’re getting the cover you need at the right price.  Bear in mind, however, that when it comes to travel insurance it's never a good idea to simply buy the cheapest policy without looking at the cover provided.

“For example, some policies’ cover limits may not be enough replace your ski poles let alone your skis and bindings, and with a £50 limit for a replacement ski-lift pass some policies may only cover you for the cost of a day’s use.

“In terms of cover levels to look out for, £5 million of medical cover should be adequate for most circumstances including mountain rescue, extended private medical care abroad and repatriation using a staffed air ambulance if you needed to be transferred back to the UK. But winter sports cover should also protect you against loss or damage to your own or hired equipment, such as skis, boots, snowboards, lift passes and suchlike. Cover levels vary so ensure you have enough cover to replace all of your gear if it is lost, stolen or damaged, and make sure you are happy with the excess you will have to pay as part of any claim. Some cover will also allow you to immediately hire replacement equipment so that any loss can be dealt with quickly and you can get on with enjoying your holiday.”


Notes to editors:

*Source: Defaqto Matrix of 454 single-trip travel insurance policies - instant and unbiased market and competitor intelligence, from independent financial research company Defaqto.Correct as of 20/01/2014.

**Source - www.snowandrock.com

***Source - igluski.com - http://www.igluski.com/france-ski-passes