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“Energy providers should embrace this Ofgem initiative”

04 April 2014

Gocompare.com comments on Ofgem’s project to encourage the next generation of time-of-use electricity tariffs

On Friday 4th of April Ofgem announced a project to encourage reform of outdated electricity charging practices and pave the way for cheaper off-peak electricity. Gocompare.com’s energy spokesperson comments

Jeremy Cryer, energy spokesperson at Gocompare.com, said:

“This is a welcome move by Ofgem and demonstrates how advances in technology can be employed to enable consumers to manage their energy use more effectively.

Providing smart meters and reforming time-of-use tariffs should allow consumers to take advantage of periods of cheaper electricity which will hopefully help to bring down their bills. We would urge all energy providers to embrace this initiative and work closely with Ofgem to bring the benefits to customers sooner rather than later.”