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Gocompare.com comments on Ofgem’s proposals to speed up energy switching

16 June 2014

Following today’s announcement from Ofgem, proposing significant improvements to the time it takes to switch energy supplier, Jeremy Cryer, energy spokesperson at Gocompare.com, comments on the potential benefits to consumers:

“Anything that improves the speed and ease of switching energy suppliers should be warmly welcomed. Making the process quicker and simpler will encourage consumers to take more control of managing their energy bills, which for many now constitute a significant proportion of their household spending.

“If consumers can have faith that the process of switching will be quick and hassle free they are far more likely to vote with their feet if faced with unfair price hikes or unacceptable service. This is good news for consumers who will hopefully benefit from increased competition in the sector as energy companies try to retain customers who are more likely to leave them if they don’t think they’re getting a good deal.

“In this day and age no one should be put off from switching any service because they fear it will be too time-consuming or disruptive to move. A five to six week turnaround to switch your energy provider is unacceptable and this is another positive step from Ofgem, which needs to keep pushing the industry to improve its service and deliver a better deal to customers.”