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Gocompare.com warns travellers to check their cancellation and delay cover as airlines cancel flights due to French air traffic controller strike

24 June 2014

Airlines flying into and out of France have been forced to cancel flights due to French air traffic controllers holding a six day strike, beginning today (June 24th). Flights flying over France have also been affected by severe delays.

Ryanair has had to cancel 96 flights and Easyjet has cancelled around 20% of its flights in and out of the country today.

Caroline Lloyd, Gocompare.com’s travel insurance spokesperson, said: “It’s at times like these that the importance of appropriate travel insurance really hits home. Even though these airlines are allowing travellers to rebook flights at another time, a lot of people will be left out of pocket as they have hotel accommodation booked at their destination.

“Out of 550 annual travel insurance policies available on the market, only 240 of those cover cancellation or curtailment of a trip for £5,000 or more,* and some insurance policies don’t even cover cancellation, so it’s really important to read the policy documents carefully before you buy.”

Caroline added: “It’s really important when buying a travel insurance policy that every eventuality is covered. Recently we’ve heard of instances of civil unrest in popular holiday destinations like Thailand, and now these air strikes in France could cause holiday chaos. Therefore it’s really important that when you buy a travel insurance policy you don’t just go for the cheapest option, but for a policy that will cover the whole cost of your holiday – otherwise if the worst happens, it may be you who is left out of pocket.”


*  Source: Defaqto Matrix of 550 annual travel insurance policies - instant and unbiased market and competitor intelligence, from independent financial research company Defaqto (24 June 2014).