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Top pets names of 2013 revealed

18 August 2014

New research from Gocompare.com reveals the top names for cats and dogs over the past three years and how they compare to UK baby names.

Following the Office for National Statistics (ONS) report on the top baby names of 2013, new research from Gocompare.com Pet Insurance has revealed the top UK pet names of 2013, finding a striking similarity.

Using data taken from its pet insurance comparison service, Gocompare.com has revealed the top names for cats and dogs in 2013 and has tracked how they fared in the past three years.

The most popular name for cats and dogs in 2013 was ‘Alfie’, which held onto the number one spot for the third year running.

Alfie was also the most popular name for a dog in 2013, a position it has held since 2011. While it was the fifth most popular name for cats last year, dropping from the number two spot it held in 2011 and 2012.

The most popular cat name in 2013 was ‘Charlie’, which has remained unchanged since 2011. The second most popular name for cats was ‘Poppy’, which has risen in popularity over the past three years, from fourth place in 2011, to third in 2012 and is just below the top spot for 2013.

Top ten names for cats and dogs, according to Gocompare.com data, in 2013;

1)    Alfie

2)    Poppy

3)    Charlie

4)    Bella

5)    Molly

6)    Max

7)    Oscar

8)    Bailey

9)    Millie

10)   Daisy

Interestingly, the comparison site found that nine out of the top 10 pet names also appeared in the top 100 baby names for boys and girls in 2013, according to the latest data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS)*, with 70% of the top 10 pet names appearing in the 25 most popular names for either baby boys or girls.

Ben Wilson, pet insurance spokesperson for Gocompare.com commented, “It’s interesting to see that pet owners are opting for more human names for their animals, as opposed to ‘traditional’ pet names such as ‘Spot’ or ’Rover’.

“We often view our pets as part of the family, which could explain why we’re increasingly choosing to call our pets the kind of names we would choose for our children as we integrate them more into family life. Despite this, we found that only half of UK cat and dog owners actually have insurance for their pet, with just two in five cat owners having insurance for their animal**.

Ben added: “The best way to show you care about your pet is to make sure you have the right cover for their health. That way, should anything happen to your cat or dog you don’t have to worry about expensive vet bills and can get the treatment they need straight away.”

A full list of the most popular names for cats and dogs over the past three years is availiable on request.