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Gocompare.com comments on UK launch of Apple Pay

14 July 2015

On the UK launch of Apple Pay Matt Sanders, money spokesperson at Gocompare.com commented;

“Development in the financial technology space has been incredible over the past few years with Apple Pay being the latest product to free up space in people’s pockets and make purchasing faster and easier.

“While continued innovation and ease of use is great news for consumers, it’s also important that people adopt all aspects of the new era of financial management and use online banking with regular balance reminders to keep track of their spending.

“There have been a host of developments in financial tech over the past few months to help people manage their money better, including tools like the midata current account comparison service. However, just because buying goods and services is getting easier, it doesn’t mean consumers need to purchase more than they already do and it is still just as important to budget carefully and stick to it."